Application Development Services

Are you bogged down with legacy systems and software that desperately need to be updated? Do you have databases built with technologies your team struggles to maintain? Or do you just need some new software solutions and you can’t find what you need off-the-shelf?

As an extension of our Managed IT Services offerings, we also provide our clients end-to-end application development and management services across five distinct development channels. Depending upon the needs of your business, our team can provide support across any combination of these services in order to ensure your software needs are met. 

Custom Software Development

Let’s face it – you can’t always find software that has the functionality to meet your business needs out of the box. Apex Technology’s team of highly skilled developers can assess your business requirements and provide you with a custom application that will meet your long-term business needs. Our development services include ongoing support to ensure the solutions we provide scale to your business’s growth and changing needs.  

Custom Software Support 

If you have existing custom software from another vendor with whom you no longer have a working relationship that needs updating or maintenance, we can provide ongoing support after an initial code analysis. Once we’ve reverse engineered the existing code, we treat it like any other piece of custom software, providing ongoing support to ensure its long-term viability. This includes making changes to functionality that ensures integration with any other software solutions you might already have in place or that we might build for you.  

Database Conversion and Modernization

Many legacy systems were built around an Access database, which imposes numerous limitations on the associated software and can be extremely problematic in the long term. Our team of database specialists will convert existing Access databases over to a SQL server and build a web application designed to simplify the interface for your team and allow them to take advantage of the more modern approach to database management. 

Developer Consultation and Mentoring

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and even the most skilled team of developers can hit a roadblock when creating a custom piece of software. For companies with their own team of software developers, Apex Technology can provide valuable guidance and mentorship for those projects where your team might lack the expertise to properly execute a viable solution to the challenge at hand. 

DevOps Automation

Custom software requires a system for deployment that largely relies upon automated and repeatable processes to guarantee consistent and functional deployment. Integral to the process of delivering our custom software solutions, DevOps Automation is a standard component in every client engagement and can include methods for establishing, modernizing, or repairing clients’ existing systems for software deployment. This can include:

  • Ensuring the proper procedures are in place to support the use of source code control.
  • Assisting clients in setting up build servers/processes and QA environments.
  • Participating in client set up of release and back-out processes

App Development Services You Can Rely On

The Apex Technology team of programming professionals has worked with clients across multiple industries and we’re capable of tackling any software challenge our clients can put before us. As the Charlotte metro’s leading provider of full-service, flat-rate managed IT services, we can’t wait to find out what challenge you have for us.