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Barracuda Total Email Protection

Businesses Rely on Email, But It Can Still Be a Security Issue

Just consider how often we hear about social engineering attacks that have originated in email. Phishing attacks, spam, scams, and worse, are all commonly used strategies, and are most often spread through email… and why not? Using email is cheap and effective for the cybercriminal.

Did you know that 91 percent of cyberattacks begin with an email? Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced methods are now involved, making those email attacks that are left all the more effective.

You need a tool that fights AI fire with AI fire... and other methods.

Protecting Your Business with Barracuda Total Email Protection

Barracuda Total Email Protection provides comprehensive protections that meet today’s high security demands while keeping your business covered.

Leveraging today’s advanced technology, this security solution provides you with a layered approach to protecting your email:

  • Ongoing training to help your users recognize and react to social engineering threats and phishing
  • Artificially intelligent identification of phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover attempts
  • Secure archiving and continuity safeguards to ensure that your business remains operational, regardless of circumstance
  • Comprehensive safeguards to protect your business against the variety of email-directed threats out there

With its AI-based capabilities, Barracuda Total Email Protection combines compliance with practical email security and business continuity, furthering its defenses with user security training. By learning how your users operate as well, Barracuda Total Email Protection keeps an eye on your business’ email inside and out.

Pulling from a real-time global information network, your threat detection is optimized.

Turn to us to give your business’ email protections some teeth.

Other Features of Barracuda Total Email Protection

  • API Integration with Office 365
  • Real-time Phishing Protections using AI
  • DMARC Reporting and Enforcement to Protect Your Brand
  • Secure Email Archiving for Compliance and eDiscovery
  • Advanced and Automated Security Awareness Training

To learn more about putting these protections in place for your business’ email communications, reach out to Apex Technology at (704) 895-0010.

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