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Reduce costs, increase your revenue and productivity, and mitigate business risks.

We are the Charlotte-metro area’s leading provider of Managed IT Services. Our full-service, flat-rate managed IT services are designed to reduce your costs, increase productivity, and mitigate your business risks. Whether you are looking to complement your current tech staff or manage your entire IT infrastructure, our flat-rate managed IT services grow with your business, taking the pain out of technology.

Our Service Areas

Toscha Neal

“They are on the fast track of healthcare technology’s ever-growing needs.”

Apex is reliable; we trust their knowledgeable technicians and engineers to be there to help.  They are on the fast track of healthcare technology’s ever-growing needs.  We operate efficiently with Apex on our side.

Toscha Neal
Business Operations Manager

Kevin Hinde

“This allows us more time to do what we do best and the responsiveness is unparalleled.”

“We do not have to concern ourselves with IT issues because Apex handles everything regarding updates, upgrades, computer issues, etc. This allows us more time to do what we do best…engineering. If someone was on the fence I would tell them that if they want the ease of knowing that you are getting honest and trustworthy advice and service, in an extremely timely manner, then they need to have APEX as their Managed IT Services Provider.”

Kevin Hinde

Adam Boatsman

“Increase employee productivity and saving real money”

During our all-important tax season, we have loads more uptime during our peak busy times relative to other providers we used.

Tim can give you the actual savings because he calculated it, on the uptime side. In the middle of tax season, we were down at least 2-3 hours every other week – so you can calculate the cost of that down time at an average of $150 per hour, per employee.

If you are the fence about hiring Tim, I would say compare apples to apples, not apples to grapes – and that you ultimately get what you pay for. If IT isn’t critical to you then you should stay with the bozos you have now.

Adam Boatsman

Our Business

IT services, catered to your specfic needs.

Business IT

Whether your business is Accounting, Engineering, Information Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Wholesale/Distribution, or virtually anything else, our experienced staff, proven technology, and mature processes quickly become an extension of your business while aligning our long-term goals.

Healthcare IT

We specialize in maintaining your healthcare practice’s specific needs through our HIPAA-compliant processes and procedures. With our Healthcare IT solutions, our experienced staff members become an extension of your practice’s EMR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing support systems.

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