Why Continuity Plans for Small Businesses Are So Important

In business, as in life, you need to plan for the unexpected and the things you hope you’ll never need to deal with. Maybe you have insurance policies in place in the event of a natural disaster, but how will your business itself recover? Being prepared for the unthinkable gives you an advantage from a recovery standpoint. Business continuity is the best way to prepare and protect your small business.

What Is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is essentially a disaster recovery plan. A strong business continuity plan should outline how your business should respond in the event of a disaster, both those that are unexpected and the ones you have at least some sort of warning of.

For example, if an earthquake or hurricane hits, what happens to your network? How will you carry on with your business if you’re suddenly without the physical structure of an office? What happens to your data in the event of a blackout?

These important points, among others, are what a business continuity plan addresses.

Why Small Businesses Need a Business Continuity Plan

Small businesses are at greater risk in the event of a disaster. When something comes along and shakes the core of a small business, they often don’t have the financial resources to navigate a full recovery from scratch. This type of disaster recovery is something that would have a devastating financial impact on any size business, but smaller operations are even more vulnerable.

For some small businesses, they just don’t see the point of going through the trouble to develop a business continuity plan. They either think they’ll never have the need for it, that in the event of an emergency everyone will instinctively know what to do, or that their customers and clients will be willing to patiently wait around through the recovery process.

This type of rational is the reason small businesses crumble under the pressure of a disaster.

First, the type of downtime that’s involved when you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place is costly. Each hour, every day that you’re focused on recovery instead of building your business is a loss of opportunities and resources.

Even more importantly, you run the risk of inconveniencing your customers. Stop and consider that many of them might also be experiencing the effects of the same disaster but on a personal level. What happens if they reach out to you and you let them down? You damage your reputation and lose a customer you worked so hard to get.

Even if you have a data backup strategy in place, it might not be enough. From a business standpoint, you can never fully anticipate the extent of damage that can occur during a disaster. Assuming that all is well is a costly and dangerous mistake.

Disasters Do Happen and You Need to Be Prepared

Disasters of all types happen every single day, and you never know when your business is going to fall victim. Don’t take chances with something as important as your disaster recovery plan. We’re here to help create a business continuity plan to protect every aspect of your small business. Contact Apex Technology today to learn more about our business continuity management services.