Why Cloud Security Is Priority One for Small Businesses

Pros and cons of cloud storage for small business

You’ve probably noticed that we’re living in a digital world that is growing increasingly interconnected by the second. We’re creating, absorbing, and trying to store massive amounts of data. How much information are we accumulating in the “datasphere”? One estimate says that the amount of data we’re building will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes in 2025. What’s a zettabyte you ask? A zettabyte is equivalent to one sextillion bytes – so yes, it’s a number that’s practically unimaginable. 


Of course, we need data storage solutions for all this data, and in recent years, cloud computing has grown as the solution of choice. There are plenty of advantages to cloud computing. The cloud has made it incredibly easy to communicate and share data. The downside of the cloud is that it has a bit of a reputation as having some vulnerabilities, and not being the most secure solution. 

While cloud-based solutions are becoming more essential for businesses of all sizes, it’s important to take a look at the importance of cloud-based security – even when you’re a small businesses with little perceived risk of an attack on your data. 


Small Businesses and Managed IT Services for Cloud Security

The typical small business doesn’t look like it did a decade ago. Acquiring, storing, and accessing data has become more important for sparking growth among small businesses. Customers and clients expect access to data when they want it, and the surge in remote workers has created a demand for a more flexible data storage solution. Enter the cloud. 

Cloud based security has come a long way in recent years, but it’s still not perfect. Small businesses that use the cloud might be scaling growth at an accelerated pace, but still relying on baseline technology that resembles something you’d find in a home office. These types of devices lack the security of higher end technology and place a greater demand on the security provided by their cloud service provider. 

Cyber criminals are also all too keenly aware that many small businesses take risks or underestimate the need for cloud security, figuring that they’re just too small to be the target of a cyber-attack. Nearly half of all cyber attacks happen to small businesses. This number tells us that no business, regardless of their size, is exempt from the threat. Cloud security is essential for survival in today’s business world. 


Why You Should Trust a Managed IT Service Provider 

Cloud security isn’t something to be taken lightly or trusted with someone that doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to securely protect your business. The cloud is more secure today than it has been at any point in the past, but that doesn’t mean your business won’t benefit from the extra protection that managed IT services provide.


Trust Apex with Your Cloud Security

At Apex Technology, we specialize in making businesses just like yours more secure. We provide managed services, that include cloud security for small businesses, and we’re ready to have a conversation about how we can help make your data more secure. Contact Apex Technology for a consultation today.