Why Cloud Cyber Security Should Be a Focus for Your Business

the cloud helps businesses cut costs, improve their disaster recovery capabilWhat cyber security does a small business need?

The cloud. It sounds a little enigmatic but it’s become the hot topic in data security these days. As businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of cloud computing, a massive cloud migration has occurred.  At the end of the day, the cloud helps businesses cut costs, improve their disaster recovery capabilities, and provide more flexibility with data management. 

The cloud has been an important player in how businesses are moving forward in a digital world. Still, the cloud doesn’t come without some vulnerabilities, and it’s these vulnerabilities that leave some businesses on the fence about whether to head to the cloud or keep their data systems firmly settled on the ground. 


Understanding the Complexities of Cloud Cyber Security

To understand why cloud cyber security is so important, and complex, we need only look at the sheer enormity of its computing capabilities. There’s a virtually endless system to collect, maintain, and enable your data to be easily accessible to those who need it. All of this, floating around in the vast digital universe – the same one that has become the playground of malicious cyber-criminals. 

Unlike traditional means of storing data, the cloud provides a certain amount of control to the client using it, but the cloud service provider maintains most of it. This understandably makes some businesses a little uneasy. Not only is their crucial data “floating” around in the vulnerable digital sphere, they also have minimal control over the cloud itself.

Add to it that the cloud – like other forms of technology – is constantly moving forward, with each new advancement slightly shifting how it operates. These advancements often create new vulnerabilities, even if many times they’re relatively short lived. Each time the cloud grows, it takes on the vulnerabilities of each of its underlying systems, creating a new, complex network of cyber security risks. 


Migrating Your Business to the Cloud

In the business world, we’ve seen a significant migration to the cloud. The reason? In almost every way, the cloud simply works better for data storage than on-site solutions. This is true across industries, even with the perceived vulnerabilities of cloud cyber security. 

The cloud offers numerous benefits to today’s business, including ease of data management, disaster recovery, and cost savings above and beyond what can be delivered with on site data storage solutions. The key to cloud cyber security is working with a solutions provider that you trust, and that makes cloud cyber security their top priority. 


Working with a Trusted Partner in Network Security

Migrating to the cloud opens up new potential for your business. As cloud technology advances, we’re learning more about how to optimize this potential and provide the most secure solutions for your business data. If you’ve been on the fence about moving to the cloud, we’d like to talk with you about cloud-based solutions and our approach to cyber security to protect your business from today’s data threats. Get in touch with the Apex Technology team today to learn more about our cloud computing and network security services.