Why Choose Apex?

Successful modern businesses must achieve a level of agility that allows them to keep pace with rapid technological innovation and successfully scale their infrastructure over time with the growth of their organization. In order to effectively navigate these challenges, organizations have leveraged managed IT service providers as a gateway to success.

Apex Technology is the premier IT managed service provider of the Winston-Salem metropolitan area. We provide businesses across all industries with tools and solutions designed to support the full spectrum of business technology needs. 


Services to Fit Your Organization’s Unique Challenges

Not every company will need every one of the services we provide. However, in order to provide the maximum value to our clients, our team of IT professionals has skills spanning the full spectrum of information technology


  • Network & Data Services across multiple office locations, our team can design and implement managed network infrastructures, mobile device management strategies, and organize wireless networks.
  • Managed Cloud Services to support the mobility of your team through cloud deployment of your file-sharing system, cloud-based SaaS solutions, and online collaboration and communications tools. 
  • Security services designed to support email and device encryption, and secure your networks through internal and external penetration testing strategies and web application testing. 
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Services that will support your organization in the aftermath of a data loss event or disaster event through the use of data archiving services, the testing of disaster recovery methods, and email system backups across multiple Email service providers.
  • Software Development and Design services geared towards creating new solutions and supporting existing legacy software and databases with modern design best practices. 

The Benefits of Choosing Apex Technology 

Our managed IT services programs are designed to provide our clients with a number of benefits that provide operational and financial advantages.  

Cost Savings 

Managing on-premise IT infrastructure and personnel is an extremely expensive undertaking with long-term cost implications. Managed IT services, on the other hand, absorb the equipment costs and only charge clients for use and access. Service providers also structure service plans to each client’s specific business needs, resulting in cost savings by removing unnecessary services from service level agreements. This shifts IT expenditures from capital expenditures on the budget to ongoing operational costs. 

Centralized Vendor Management

A properly structured managed IT services agreement will allow the provider to manage all accounts and vendors related to your organization’s IT needs. This means the service provider’s staff, which already has significant experience with managing IT issues, can handle troubleshooting and resolving or escalating issues as they arise. This will reduce overall downtime and increase productivity and efficiency overall. 

Allows Your Staff to Focus on Core Business 

Small businesses and startups cannot afford even a single day of downtime related to easily preventable IT issues. Delegating complicated IT management and oversight to a third-party service provider leaves the core of the company focused on revenue-generating activities and allows your staff to continue to grow your company over time. 

Scalable IT Infrastructure to Meet Ongoing Business Requirements.

Over time, your organization will grow and it’s IT needs will change. Managed IT services providers allow for IT infrastructure to scale to your organization’s needs and handle unexpected challenges such as a sudden increase in need for dedicated storage or computing power. This also minimizes costly downtime, as modifying IT service levels is often a seamless process for the client, resulting in minimal business disruption. 

Apex Technology: Solving Winston-Salem’s IT Challenges, One Client at a Time

As the premier managed IT service provider in the Winston-Salem metropolitan area, Apex Technology assists small businesses and medical practices navigate the challenges of managing information technology infrastructure while surviving in the modern economy.