Warning Signs of a Data Breach

In the modern economy, data breaches are no longer the stuff of spy movies and science fiction thriller novels. They’re common place, and in 2019, data breaches cost businesses an average of $3.92 million – per incident! Can you afford a multimillion dollar payout to cover damages to your clients? Do you want to close your doors for good 6 months after the incident like 60% of all companies who fall victim to such attacks? Our team of IT specialists at Apex Technology want to help protect your organization from a costly data breach. Below we’ve compiled some indicators that your business might be at risk, followed by steps you can take internally before calling our team to learn more about how we’ve integrated cybersecurity measures into our managed IT services in order to help protect your brand. 


Are You at Risk for a Data Breach?

With customer relationship management software being what it is today, and the growing reliance across industries on big data, there’s a strong likelihood that you gather and maintain a database of client data. This makes you a target for cybercriminals. Depending upon your operational standards, you might be leaving the door wide open for a breach. Let’s take a look at two elements of your operation that might be increasing your risk of an attack or breach.


Exploiting a Lack of Training and Enforcement

Many of the tools used by hackers exploit a lack of training or discipline in the employees of their targets. Human error in technical configurations, phishing attacks enticing targets to click on malicious links, and other mistakes all leave your organization exposed. Risk mitigation training and enforcement is crucial to protecting your organization. 

Failing to Meet Risk and Compliance Requirements

Depending on the industry in which you operate, your management of client data is likely regulated by legal and regulatory requirements. Compliance can require certain data storage requirements, as well as standardized and documented data flows so the controls that are subsequently put into place are effective. Failing to adhere to compliance, or not understanding compliance requirements, could lead to costly breaches due to inadvertent mishandling of information.

Prevention Through Education and Inclusion in the Process

While these and other possible elements of your operation can be putting you at risk, there are a number of strategies you can employ to mitigate your risk internally. At the core of any strategy you might deploy, you must first make a plan to educate your employees as to access expectations, the importance of keeping work off of personal devices, best practices throughout their workday to avoid exposing sensitive data, and most importantly teaching them about the ways hackers might exploit their trust to infiltrate your systems. Once you’ve integrated education and awareness and involved your employees, it will be much easier to partner with a managed IT service provider who might make changes to routines and systems in order to improve internal protections.  


Managed IT Services Keep Your Business and Your Client Data Safe 

You’ve identified that you are likely at risk, and you’ve taken the first steps to educate and include your employees in securing your systems. While you might not have the tools and resources to fully protect your organization from a data breach, you can achieve that goal through a partnership with Apex Technology. Whether you’re down the road in Charlotte or out of state, our team of professionals will work to understand your industry’s regulatory requirements and determine how to best leverage our centralized managed IT services for the long-term safety and security of your organization.