Upgrade Your Business Technology in the New Year

As we collectively take our first tentative steps into 2021, we are all struggling to gauge what the path forward should look like and what the year holds. It’s a challenging economic landscape, to be sure. And while some businesses are being extremely hesitant and cautious, some of you will be better served to be more aggressive in setting yourself up for success in the new year.

What does preparedness look like in 2021? For Apex Technology, we want to ensure as many companies operating in the Charlotte metropolitan area have both the IT infrastructure and access to the necessary software solutions to successfully tackle what the year holds for them. In this discussion, we’ll cover how our managed IT services in combination with other business IT initiatives available through our service plans will help any business be better equipped to face the uncertainty ahead. 

A Business IT Strategy You Can Get Behind

Referring to Apex Technology as a service provider, while accurate, doesn’t show the breadth of services we offer to our clients to help them become more capable and efficient. Our goal is to become an extension of our clients and work alongside their leadership to identify opportunities to take their IT infrastructure in a direction necessary to have the maximum impact on their client base and bottom-line profitability. 

The Apex Way

In the engagement process with clients, as we work to onboard them, we look to assess and stabilize their existing systems to get a clear idea of what we’re working alongside. Once we stabilize and identify the infrastructure in place, we present our recommendations for restructuring to align client goals to the options on the table. Finally, we present a plan for how we’ll begin to proactively manage your organization’s assets and provide the necessary risk assessment and analysis to show you the advantages such a move will have moving forward. 

Managed IT Services Improves Bottom-Line Costs

Our ManageMAX product allows us to offer clients four levels of service that align with the process above. 

  • Virtual CIO to work alongside your leadership and assist with budgeting and planning relative to IT infrastructure. Performs the necessary risk analysis process and ensures audit readiness for industry-specific regulations.
  • Support can be provided across all of the products we deploy for our clients, both remote and onsite. 
  • Technical alignment services ensure that we take your goals for the year into account as we then work alongside your team to find and deploy the most proactive solutions to your business goals and the challenges you’re faced with. 
  • Cloud migration and centralization of system administration for monitoring and system updates and security software management. 

Other Services to Round Out Your Infrastructure

In addition to managing your cloud-based infrastructure, our team is equipped to identify opportunities to create custom software solutions that will remove bottlenecks in the workflow and automate where possible, as well as the database solutions necessary to support these tools. 

Apex Technology Wants to Transform Your Business to Succeed in 2021

Chances are in 2020 you had goals for updating your systems, swapping in new software, and identifying opportunities to improve aspects of your IT infrastructure, and those plans and goals likely got put on hold. Get ahead of your competition and call our offices today for an assessment of your organization and to find out what our team of IT solutions specialists can do for your business.