The Importance of UX and UI to App Development

A well-designed mobile application can provide your business with a number of benefits and advantages over competitors. You’ll see an increase in brand recognition and loyalty, increased conversions, and you’ll find that your clients will feel more engaged and invested in your products or services. 

As long as your application development team nails that first bit about being “well-designed.”

Over the years, Apex Technology has tackled this challenge from our Charlotte offices hundreds of times. Apex Technology feels it’s important for our current and future clients to understand the important role that the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) play in the overall effectiveness of an app to meet the needs of its users. An app development team can create a deliverable that provides every single feature and functionality requested by their client, but if it’s poorly designed and hard to use, it will not bring long-term value for the client. Follow along as we discuss how important it is to balance the UI and UX elements in the app development and web app development processes in order to create a final product that provides long term value. 


Treating UX and UI As Separate Design Concerns

Because the user and their needs lie at the heart of both the user experience and a properly executed user interface, it can be challenging to tackle UX and UI as separate design elements. However, each serves a very unique role in the end.  

UX Isn’t Necessarily A Technical Term

With its roots in the work of Don Norman’s research on cognitive science, the concept of the user experience did not originate in the technology field. In his book, The Design of Everyday Things, Norman says that by taking advantage of the relationships that exist between function and control, designers can guide users to “the right action on the right control at the right time.” Translating this conceptually into the realm of the user experience as it relates to mobile app users, designers have to take into account what the user is looking for from the application, and how easy it is to accomplish that task. Is the checkout process on an ecommerce site easy to navigate, or do users have to jump through unnecessary hoops that could have been handled elsewhere on the website? It’s important to distinguish at this point that UX isn’t about visual design as much as it is about ensuring that the act of using your mobile application is pleasant, but also, even more importantly, that it effectively helps users solve the problem they came to you to solve in the first place. 

Great UI Design Results in a Natural Framework 

If we take into account Norman’s “right action on the right control, at the right time” analogy of the UX, the user interface can be seen as the road map and visual cues guiding the user throughout their experience. It’s thinking about how the user will interact with the visuals on the screen and providing them with the right buttons or scrolling functionality in the right places, so that their experience isn’t interrupted by frustration as to how to make the app do what they want it to do. For app development and web app development, UI design must also take into account not only aesthetic elements, but ensure the app is easily accessible and inclusive.  

Together UI/UX Inform the Overall Design of the App

While they are often incorrectly referred to interchangeably, Apex Technology understands the important balance that must be struck during app development or web app development between the UX and the UI in order to create a balanced experience for the user. Our team of developers are ready to work with your company to create the perfect user experience, while our design team frames your app in the appropriate branded interface to support the user journey. To learn more about our web app development and app development services in Charlotte, or for any of your other managed IT service needs, reach out to our offices today.