The Importance of Data Backup and Recovery Tools

There’s no arguing that businesses in recent years increasingly depend upon technology for managing and storing mission critical data and files. In 2020, it’s estimated that data is being created on such a scale that the average person is generating roughly 1.7MB of data every second – that’s 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced by the whole of humanity daily! This is only expected to increase with the advent and expansion of the Internet of Things. However, what is even more surprising is how many companies are crippled by a data loss event in today’s economic landscape – not every company has gotten the memo that data backups and disaster recovery tools are crucial tools for ongoing success as they become increasingly reliant on the data they’ve gathered. In this blog, Apex Technology explores why these tools are essential and situations necessitating their use.  


Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan?

The short and sweet answer is both. They play two very important roles in the event of a data loss, and each process is tied to a different method of protecting your data. 

Data Backup and Business Continuity

Backup is just that. A backup of your data, often in the cloud or on a device located off-premise from your offices. The backup allows data to be recovered in the event of a drive failure, damage to a storage device, or a cyberattack such as a data breach or ransomware attack. 

Any data that is unique or irreplaceable should be part of the backup process. This could be sourced from databases, application data, virtualized servers and desktops, or user owned devices housing mission critical data. 

Disaster Recovery Planning Ensures Operations Continue

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan includes a data recovery and business continuity plan, but also goes on to enumerate all hardware, software, infrastructure, and the equipment or assets you’ll need to replace or access in the event of a natural disaster, a fire, or other event that damages or destroys office infrastructure. It also includes risk and impact analysis of specific events, assigns recovery tasks and operational tasks to personnel and lays out appropriate backup methods for communication, and provides a plan for continuing to operate beyond your four walls. 

It Pays To Plan Ahead

Depending where your business is located, seasonal threats such as flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters could all be on the menu throughout the course of the year, so it’s important that your business have both data backup strategies in place and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. 

In addition to natural events, the increasing prevalence of threat actors and hackers targeting small- to medium-sized businesses has wrought havoc across the business landscape, costing the world in excess of $6 trillion annually by 2021 – up from $3 trillion only 6 years ago! The types and methods of attacks are evolving and threat actors are more often able to extract payment from their targets because businesses have poor backup and recovery plans in place. 

An additional cost at risk for not having plans in place to recover data and resume business is a loss of trust and reputation from your client base. Customers will be less willing to do business with you if you had no plan in place for securing and maintaining their data. Poor or ineffective recovery plans will also extend your downtime, leaving your organization without incoming revenue while you recover from an event.  

Don’t Leave Your Business Leadership Without a Comprehensive Recovery Plan

Businesses increasingly rely on big data for business continuity and strategic planning. Leaving your organization without business continuity planning or a disaster recovery plan is courting disaster, especially here in Charlotte, where Mother Nature has proven to us time and again that she’s willing to hurl the worst hurricanes and Nor’easters our way. And as one of the most prominent banking and healthcare hubs on the East Coast, businesses operating in Charlotte can expect to be targeted at any time by cyber attacks. Don’t put your business at risk for another second – Apex Technology’s team of data storage and cloud services professionals can provide your organization with the foundational protections it needs to survive any catastrophic event.