Scale Your Business Faster with Managed IT

While the current business landscape is uncertain, and many businesses are scaling back on operations, it’s important for organizations to realize the importance of establishing a strong business relationship with a managed IT services provider that will help them navigate future growth and the inevitable need to scale up operations. As a managed IT services provider in the Charlotte market, Apex Technology is poised to help current and future clients quickly navigate future business growth by providing scalable IT solutions. In this blog we’ll discuss four ways managed services provide extensibility while keeping costs low. 


Manpower and Expertise at Affordable Rates

As your organization’s flow of business increases, you’ll find that you need a much more complex and extensive IT infrastructure in order to support your organization. As you build out functionality of your website, you might find that you need a mobile app to support your business. As your sales team expands, you might find that you need to create customized applications to support your workflow. You might find that you need to quickly and securely scale up your data storage capabilities as business levels increase. Whatever your IT needs, chances are you don’t already have the team in place to manage these various projects. Partnering with Apex Technology as a managed IT services provider, we can provide a virtual CIO who can identify your IT needs, assist with budgeting, consult with your team to determine what services are needed and build out the necessary implementation team as part of our services with you, and support your organization’s technology needs as they evolve. And because you’re not paying for salaries or office space or benefits, but rather hiring us as a service provider, your rates will be much lower than if you were to hire on the team necessary to support these projects.  

A Partnership Focused on Mutual Growth

Managed IT is designed to not only scale with your business needs, but it’s also intended to help you grow your business so that you can expand the services you provide. It’s in the managed IT services provider’s best interests to help you achieve your growth metrics and target sales, because that means that you’ll need to eventually scale up your IT infrastructure, and we’ll be in an established relationship with you already, so it’s just a matter of expanding the existing services agreement at costs much less than if you were to try to scale up your operation yourself. And as your partner in your growth and expansion, we’ll actively be looking for ways our services can support future growth or improve efficiencies across your existing workflow. Helping you operate more efficiently as you grow is a win for both parties. 

Ready-Made Vendor Network

Negotiating and establishing contracts with vendors is a time consuming and expensive process, especially for services beyond the scope of your business that you still need in order to operate. It will also be extremely difficult to establish any leverage in the situation as a single entity negotiating services, and it will be hard to get any sort of discount in the service contracts. However, in partnering with a managed IT services provider, you are entering into an existing network of clients all with similar technology needs. This gives the services provider a collective bargaining advantage in their negotiations with vendors for hosting, data storage, and other IT services, since they are managing the accounts of many clients. As the services provider can keep their costs low with vendors, they can pass the subsequent savings on to their clients. 

Pay Only For Services You Need

While in the past you might have been forced into a certain data storage tier well beyond your needs, or to pay expensive ongoing retainers for services that were never performed, it’s now not only possible but also in the best interests of managed IT services providers to offer their clients highly customizable services contracts. This is made possible primarily because software solutions, websites, mobile apps, communications systems, and data storage solutions are all cloud based. There is no need to buy and maintain licenses, purchase new equipment, or wait for expensive and time-consuming hardware installations. Because cloud-based solutions can be scaled on demand to the necessary levels needed to support any expansion in business requirements, service contracts can be based on usage rather than unnecessary and often overly expensive contractual minimums.   

Scaling Your Business Is Our Top Priority

Business growth might put you on the path to growth and expansion, but only a partnership with an experienced managed IT services provider can help you navigate the obstacles on that path. At Apex Technology, we provide our clients with affordable solutions to expand their IT infrastructure. In the process, we explore opportunities to improve operations, expand services, improve products, and in the long-term support the growth of their business in order to strengthen the relationship in the long term. We provide a readily accessible network of affordable vendors and services, and we work with our clients in order to provide affordable solutions with minimal extraneous services or charges. To learn more about our managed IT services and to arrange to receive a quote for services, reach out to our team today.