Save Your Business Money With Managed IT Services

Are you a small business considering managed IT services as a solution for your business in order to save on your bottom line, or to reinvest your savings to other endeavors? You’d be in good company if you did. Globally, Gartner data showed that IT spending by businesses reached roughly $3.7 trillion in 2018, with IT services growing 5% from 2017 and accounting for $980 billion. 

Don’t let those numbers scare you, though. There’s a good reason companies are investing in managed IT services at this level – it’s allowing them to save elsewhere in their business and redirect those resources to improving upon the customer experience. Let’s look at some specific ways outsourcing IT to a vendor like Charlotte-based Apex Technologies can help keep costs low and efficiency high.


Eliminate the Variables

Do you know the costs of installing, managing, and maintaining an IT department internally for your small business? While it might seem on the surface like a long term investment that could pay off, you have to take into account just how unpredictable the personnel and infrastructure costs might end up being, and how a flat, predictable monthly cost might be more beneficial to your bottom line.


Infrastructure Costs

Technology is not built to last, but rather built to wear out and will often need to be replaced more often than you anticipate. Hardware upgrades to achieve additional functionality balanced against installation,upkeep, and maintenance costs, along with managing all this yourself is starting to not sound appealing. Hardware failure, such as a server or router going down, isn’t going to just cost you the price of the equipment, but also the productivity loss during downtime and the hidden costs of a damaged reputation for being temporarily unreliable as a service provider. 

Employing a small business IT services provider changes this dynamic completely, as you’ll be leasing equipment maintained by a third party, and the entirety of your network can be deployed to the cloud, providing a flexibility and level of access that can be scaled to your needs and budget without costly investment. And you’ll never have to worry about the next shiny new piece of equipment breaking the bank. Managed IT services will always make available the technology necessary to do the job, and when upgrades hit the market, transitioning to the new industry standard will be performed as a value added service to you, rather than a budget-killing undertaking on the part of your organization.


Expert Personnel Are Expensive

Information technology is constantly evolving as new software and equipment is constantly being released, and you will either need to train up existing staff or invest in new personnel constantly in order to remain staffed sufficiently for your IT needs. For small businesses on a limited budget, this means your people will be overworked and having to pull double duty, likely performing less efficiently at the tasks that generate income for your business. 

Outsourcing to a managed IT services provider, you get the benefit of an entire team of professionals with the sole task of managing your information technology infrastructure, leaving your team to do the heavy lifting by focusing on creating a profitable customer experience for your client base. 


It Pays to Be Secure

Along with the benefit of a set monthly bill for a service that scales to your needs, you’ll save money indirectly in that managed IT services offer an expertise in cybersecurity and data security that your personnel might not have brought to the table. Ensuring your data remains secure, you’re less likely to experience a costly and reputation-damaging cybersecurity event and you’ll avoid fines from regulatory agencies, as your service provider will ensure your systems remain compliant with industry standards.


Managed IT Services Pay Off

Apex Technology has business IT solutions to fit your organization’s needs. Our Charlotte-based team is ready to talk to you about your business goals and how we can help support your transition to a portfolio of managed IT solutions.