Prevent Business Disruption with Data Backup & Recovery

With the human race producing 2.3 zettabytes of data daily, a figure that will likely increase exponentially as we take our first steps into 2020 and the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s safe to say that we are living in an era dominated by our reliance upon Big Data. Businesses large and small rely on the data gathered from their interactions with customers or clients to make key decisions, establish marketing strategies, and drive employee performance in ways that help them outpace the competition.  

But what happens to a business’ ability to function following a catastrophic disruption of business in the form of a natural disaster or a data breach? Statistics show that 40% of small businesses go out of business. Do you have a plan for data backup and recovery? Do you have a contingency plan in place if your organization falls victim to a cyber attack? At Apex Technology, our team’s ability to anticipate the worst case scenario and provide our clients with solutions makes us one of the premier disaster recovery services in Charlotte. Let’s explore some of the events that could lead to a loss of data at your business, and how our data backup and recovery services can prevent business disruption while minimizing lost revenue.  


Methods of Disruption 

You can lose revenue due to a power outage or weather-related closure at any time, but when it comes to major disruptions that could lead to total loss of data and assets, it’s necessary to consider events on an entirely different scale. 

Natural Disasters

Operating on the East Coast out of Charlotte, Apex Technology is no stranger to the impact major storms can have on our community. With hurricane and tornado activity a common occurrence, the local economy is no stranger to flooding and storm damage, which can cause a total loss of physical assets or cause damage to electronic devices. Other disasters stemming from natural events could result in fire damage. 

Man-Made Disasters

Humanity can be just as fickle and equally destructive when it comes to disasters. Arson, theft during a break-in, purposeful destruction of data by a disgruntled employee, these are all avenues where your data can be destroyed and lost to you, causing significant disruption in your ability to conduct business.

A Special Case for Cybercrime

Cybercrime is steadily becoming more prevalent, with 43% of cyber attacks targeting small businesses and costing businesses more than $150 million per incident. While theft of information is often the approach taken by cybercriminals, a rising tactic is to utilize ransomware to encrypt target business’ data, and if the company doesn’t pay a predetermined amount to the attacker, the data is destroyed or left encrypted, rendering it effectively useless. 

Data Backup and Recovery

As a provider of data backup and recovery services, Apex Technology works with our clients to establish robust business continuity plans that include post-event recovery of data by way of the BackupMAX managed backup and disaster recovery solution. Compared to other similar services, we allow for local file/folder recovery and exchange recovery, as well as virtualization at both the cloud and local levels. Our services also include around the clock data monitoring and management to protect against cyber attacks, and our systems are HIPAA compliant. 

When Disaster Strikes, Your Recovery is Apex Technology’s Top Priority

Apex Technology’s data backup and recovery services provide Charlotte businesses with a crucial layer of protection against business failure in the event of unexpected data loss due to natural disasters or malicious human agency. Don’t become a statistic – contact our team of specialists today to ensure your business is protected by our BackupMAX service before disaster strikes.