Managed IT Services

As a managed service provider competing in the Charlotte-metro area, one of the most competitive and technology-driven cities in the United States, Apex Technology’s services are designed to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

Introducing our world-class technology services package, ManageMAX!

ManageMAX Gives You One Low Rate, One Amazing Set of Services

With no hidden costs, our flat-rate, proactive managed IT system takes the headache and hassle out of negotiating services and costs. Instead, our system is designed to help you and your organization to focus on:

Reducing costs
Increasing productivity
Mitigating business risks

Let’s take a deeper dive into the ManageMAX system, a comprehensive four-tiered approach to managed IT services that allow us to be proactive to your organization’s business needs while allowing you to remain agile, responsive, and competitive.

Four Levels of Services

While many of our competitors offer a limited “traditional” approach to managed IT services, our ManageMAX system is a more comprehensive approach. Instead of limiting our services to only traditional support tasks, we’ve designed the ManageMAX IT services system to truly free up your organization’s leadership and staff from the daily requirements of managing and overseeing IT tasks, so that they can instead attend to creating new business relationships and driving bottom-line profitability.

Virtual CIO

Business Relationship

Technology Planning &

Technology Budgeting

Identification of Business


The Apex Way

Proactive Technology

Implement Best Practices

Identify Technical Risks



Patch Management

Anti-virus / Anti-Malware

Disaster Recovery

Cloud Services


Service Desk

Remote Support

Onsite Support

How-to Questions

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Managed IT services would be a pointless endeavor if we still expected your organization to manage the day to day, establish budgets, plan and consult new infrastructure, and managed the mitigation of risk. At that point your leadership might as well be doing our job for us. Enter the virtual chief information officer. The vCIO services team works with your leadership to fully understand your business goals, the vision and mission of your organization, and how IT can help your organization achieve your goals. Once established, the vCIO will help to establish and maintain the other three layers of services to enhance and support business drivers.

Technical Alignment

Network stability, security, and structure establishes the foundations for all of the work that we do for your organization. Therefore, it is one of the first things we address when we establish a working relationship with a client. In what we call the APEX Way, we take three very deliberate steps to inspect, assess, and re-envision your existing network:

1) Onboarding process, where we deploy a number of tools to secure your network and technology infrastructure, assess and stabilize your systems, and document the existing infrastructure.

2) Network Stabilization, where we present our recommendations for your network, remediate the existing network, align your services with your business goals, and enhance the overall security of your systems.

3) Technical Review & Alignment, where we share standards and best practices with your team, plan out your organization's technology needs, establish a plan for proactively managing your IT needs, and performing a business risk analysis.

Customized Support

Throughout our business relationship with every client, we provide several layers of support to minimize the learning curve for their employees and create an environment where the IT services we provide become second-nature enhancements to the work-day rather than hindrances. We offer support in the form of a service desk, remote support and onsite support depending on the severity and scope of the issue, and resources and how-to guides for issues that are simple to address.

Centralized Services

Considered to be the traditional core of IT services, our centralized services are just that: the core components of your managed IT services agreement that must function in order for your business to remain viable. This includes, but system monitoring, patch management for software packages and ongoing software maintenance and upgrades, anti-virus and anti-malware management, disaster recovery strategies, and a migration of existing systems to the cloud as well as the installation of new systems and software to your cloud services infrastructure.

Responsive To Your Needs

The managed services relationship is an ongoing, active relationship. We don’t abandon clients once services are in place. Our team of professionals is dedicated to your organization’s success, and we adhere to our service level agreements by ensuring we respond to support requests, address them in a timely manner, and follow up on the resolution to ensure you’re satisfied with the solution.

World-Class Managed IT Services—The APEX Way

In the wild and bustling Charlotte-metro market, Apex Technology leads the way in managed IT services with its world-class ManageMAX system. A flat-rate, proactive service philosophy built around solid ideals of customer service supported by industry-leading vendors, products, and tools, ManageMAX allows our team of IT professionals to make your success our focus. That’s why at Apex Technology, your IT is our business.