Leaving IT Services to the Professionals

The growth of managed IT services has stemmed from small and medium businesses striving to maintain a competitive edge in the modern economy. In order to devote their full attention to providing goods and services, creating strong relationships with clients, and generally prioritizing revenue generation in their organizational structure, small and medium businesses outsource IT to some degree. Managed IT services account for 30% of the United States IT industry segment, and growth in managed IT services through 2023 is expected to top 23 percent. Your future business partners at Apex Technology want you to understand just how beneficial establishing a professional relationship with a reputable managed IT services provider can ultimately be for your bottom line. Let’s take an in-depth look at how our focus on IT lets you focus on your business. 


Experienced IT Workers Without the Overhead

Hiring employees is a time consuming and costly endeavor. Maintaining a team of talented IT workers able to keep pace with trends in modern technologies can be even more costly, and you could end up paying premium salaries for personnel with skills that aren’t a daily need for your business. Partnering with a managed IT service provides you with the necessary fluidity in skill sets to address acute business needs while also providing constant access to skilled employees capable of handling the day-to-day technology needs of your business. 

Managed Services Mean More Predictable Expenses

Managed IT services generally bundle all of your information technology needs – equipment, personnel, data storage, licensing, repairs and maintenance, and other related costs into a single subscription-style cost that you can expect to pay every month. Additional services can be easily added while superfluous costs for unnecessary services can easily be removed from the overall package. A managed service provider that truly understands your business needs will work with you to determine the right mix of services and equipment needs for your organization and include technology and equipment upgrades as part of the overall services provided.  

Be Proactive, More Secure, and Risk-Averse

Data breaches, privacy violations, and other security- and privacy-related controversies have made navigating the modern information technology landscape almost impossible without the necessary expertise in place. In 2019 alone, the average cost of a single data breach was $3.92 million, leaving companies everywhere desperate to discover a way to affordably protect themselves. Without the right infrastructure in place, your best and most cost effective option as a small or medium business is to rely upon your managed IT service provider’s cloud-based systems’ security measures to protect your client data. As professional service providers, strong cybersecurity measures are woven into all of Apex Technology’s services, allowing us to assume the risks and ensure that we’ve provided the highest degree of security possible to protect your data throughout your systems and ours. 


Managed IT Services Provide Advantages Over the Competition 

No matter what industry your business operates in throughout the Charlotte market, a strong relationship with the right managed IT services provider will give your organization a host of advantages necessary to compete with and even outperform your competition. From outsourced personnel to equipment leases and software licensing management, Apex Technology’s managed IT services in healthcare and business are designed to keep your team focused on meeting the needs of your clients while we keep you, our client, safe and operational around the clock.