Keep Your Healthcare Practice’s Technology Healthy

The shift in patient records from hard copies to electronic medical records that took place in the 1960s marked the first steps down a path towards improved patient care through digital efficiency. Since then, the rise of informatics and big data has pushed the healthcare industry to embrace software and technology solutions that over time have led companies like Apex Technology to standardize related services as a way of providing small medical practices with the outsourced support they need in order to best meet the needs of patients. Let’s explore some of the reasons it’s important to maintain your technology capabilities and how Apex Technology can help you do just that. 


Maintaining the Technology That Keeps Your Practice Going

It’s crucial in modern healthcare that you have in place certain minimum technologies and software so as to not negatively impact the patient experience. Of special importance are the electronic medical records database and informatics tools and systems built to provide you and your healthcare practice the ability to treat patients as efficiently as possible. These tools simplify the workflow, allowing for improved patient care and a reduction in healthcare costs.

Keeping up to date on these technologies means integrating and embracing the current focus on mobility. This means integrating tools that support telemedicine, mobile health data tracking, and mobile health care applications that allow for improved self-care and remote gathering of data to be integrated into a patient’s electronic medical records for review at anytime by the appropriate medical caregiver.  


The Apex Technology Advantage

As a managed IT service provider serving the interests of Charlotte’s healthcare community, Apex Technology provides customized HIPAA-compliant solutions to support our clients’ electronic medical records (EMR) management, practice management tools to help boost business efficiencies, and medical billing support systems. 

Ours is a whole-practice integrated approach that pulls services from across our firm to offer a comprehensive partnership designed to keep your technology as efficient and cutting edge as possible.


Healthcare Focused Support

Our technology solutions designed to support your medical practice are HIPAA compliant and we offer both assessment and remediation services to ensure compliance across the practice. We consult on EMR and business management to ensure your operation is well supported at all times. We provide a cloud-based service supporting desktop, server, and network management across your practice, whether it’s a single office or multiple branches, you staff will be connected to each other and your systems. 


Comprehensive Managed IT Services

If your healthcare practice is operating without its own IT department, then your practice should consider expanding its business relationship with Apex Technology to include any of our other managed IT services. From database support to software development, IT security to cloud services and virtual chief information officer support, our comprehensive services will combine with our healthcare focused services to ensure you’re technology needs are handled. 

A healthy and robust technology platform is crucial to the success of modern healthcare practices. Being able to quickly and efficiently retrieve and assess patient records, use analytical applications and tools to determine the best treatment options, and integrate trending treatment methods such as those built around mobile solutions are all best practices that a healthcare practice should be able to follow in the course of providing patient care. For practices without the ability to accomplish this, Apex Technology has the comprehensive managed IT services necessary to provide the necessary baseline of functionality from which to expand and create the best experience for patients.