Is Your Operation Suffering from a Lack of Integration

Consider your daily business routine and the various applications you use to navigate your day-to-day. If your company has done little towards creating an application integration solution, chances are you’re having to navigate a confusing maze of self-contained and unconnected software solutions in order to gather the basic information necessary to do your job. Email might be in one app, while client data and sales information might be on other applications. Need to determine the effectiveness of that advertisement you ran on social media last week? Another software, another login. 

It can be exhausting, and throughout the work-from-home orders across the country over the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have learned the value of simplifying and streamlining their business processes, if only to ensure employees can access all of their systems remotely. As managed service providers and IT consultants, Apex Technology wants to help our clients find more efficient methods of operating. In this blog, we will show you the value of app integration from efficiency improvements to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction with your brand.   


Building Integrated Application Solutions Around Your Existing Suite of Software

As a business grows and evolves, the types of problems and challenges it faces also shift, and throughout the process, the organization will acquire various software packages to meet varying business requirements. Communications platforms, sales tracking platforms, customer relationship management systems, marketing and sales tracking tools, all of these are vital tools that will be put into play at some point at your organization. As your needs change, or as a software fails to meet your expectations or requirements, you might shift to a new one. Over time, you create an ever-evolving, ever-changing, and often challenging application landscape that your employees must constantly struggle to navigate. Oftentimes, these systems are purposely designed to work independently and cannot be accessed by software made by possible competitors. 


How do you improve this situation without a massive overhaul of your existing software? You pick up the phone and talk to your friendly representative at Apex Technology, your managed IT solutions provider, and tell them that you need an integrated application solution. We then come in and build a framework and ultimately an interface that on the surface gives you access to all of your various tools in an intuitive way that naturally supports your workflow. Behind the scenes, your same software platforms are there so you still have access to all of the same data and tools. However, now these tools are all working together within a framework that allows data, resources, and processes to be shared and leveraged by the whole in order to support your organization’s specific business objectives. While this might require an investment up front, over time the value and savings of this approach will become clear to your employees, especially your leadership as the bottom-line savings start to pile up. 

Increased Efficiency, Automation, and Faster Decision Making

Employees are spending less time shifting from application to application. No longer do they have to go on time-consuming quests to gather and integrate data, and then spend time creating models to find meaning in that data, so that leadership can, in turn, make a timely and critical business decision. An integrated app solution provides such information with minimal button pushing and presents actionable data immediately. In fact, by providing a platform through which the applications can all interact, tasks can easily be automated and employees can focus more on the top-level data than the processes that go into generating information. This means products and processes can be put into the field faster, improving profitability.   

Eliminate Data Silos and Skill Silos

Over time, reliance upon certain software solutions that don’t connect to other systems tends to result in data shoring up in a few key places of your software infrastructure. These data silos often also result in limited personnel actually having the expertise or experience with applications to actually pull the data. Integrated solutions ensure the communication of data between systems and ensure interfaces are easily navigable by all personnel, eliminating silos at both levels. 

Charlotte’s Top Managed IT Support Firm Can Help Develop Your Application Integration Strategy

In order to properly execute an application integration strategy, your business must have a clear understanding of how the applications you use support your foundational business requirements. Through our world-class approach to consultancy, Apex Technology provides Charlotte’s small businesses with the IT solutions and managed IT support they need to understand how to properly lay out and execute a proper application integration strategy, and our talented team of developers can build a solution that will help streamline your organization and help your employees navigate the challenging economic road ahead.