How Will Custom Software Help My Company?

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve probably learned by this point that software solutions are not created equally. Relying on off-the-shelf software can be tricky and expensive. More often than not, your team will assume you need to purchase licenses for multiple bloated software packages with very different functionality in order to meet the needs of your business’s workflow. 

Rather than waste money and time on systems that will evolve into complicated legacy infrastructure, your organization should instead consider working with a software development service provider specializing in custom software solutions. In this discussion, Apex Technology outlines how custom software solutions are often more versatile and provide your business with advantages and functionality that aren’t possible with off-the-shelf solutions.


On the Fence? Some Reasons to Go With the Custom Solution

Change can be hard, especially if your organization already has a number of legacy systems already in place. However, with a custom solution in place, many of the advantages of keeping the existing system in place fall away.  

Revenue Increases and Bottom Line Savings

Custom software allows a degree of increased engagement and improved conversion experience, resulting in higher sales. And while there might be an intimidating up-front cost to building a custom piece of software with a developer, there are plenty of savings down the line that allow the app to eventually pay for itself. These costs control measures come in the form of increased efficiency and output, as well as a more defined and focused end product, allowing you to pay only for the functionality you need.    

Improved Customer Experience

We mentioned improvement in engagements resulting in more conversions above for profitability. However, custom software also helps increase the customer experience by providing a more streamlined and targeted experience to also improve their utility with your services. Happier and engaged customers will be more apt to share their experiences with other potential clients online and be retained as customers themselves. 

Improved Security and Control Over Access

Off-the-shelf solutions often tout themselves as highly customizable, but there will always be a situation where the available defined user roles don’t always match with your organization’s needs. You are also at the mercy of the software developer for critical security updates and to maintain the software over time; in the event the software developer decides to discontinue support of the product altogether, you’re stuck with a vulnerable component integrated into your workflow. 

Customized software solutions allow for your application to receive regular updates to remain secure, and the code archived in such a way that if for some reason another developer had to take over development, you could still maintain the integrity of your systems over time. Custom solutions also allow you to create and modify access levels for your systems. 

Apex Technology Will Help Get the Most Mileage from Your Custom Software Solution

An out-of-box software solution can only elevate your business so far. To drive consumer experience, save costs over time, and provide yourself with a long-term solution, you would be better served to pull in a managed IT service provider with experience building custom software solutions. To learn more about this and other managed IT services offered by Apex Technology, call to set up a consultation today.