How DevOps Can Save Your Company

In the modern economy, any operational framework that provides the opportunity to increase efficiency and push more money towards the bottom line should be considered as a strong alternative to the existing model of business. In the software development industry, DevOps has risen up and made a strong case as a contender for one of the best methods by which a development company can increase efficiency and save money. In this blog, Apex Technology, a Charlotte-based provider of managed IT services, explores how using the DevOps approach to software development helps increase efficiencies. 


The DevOps Approach Is The Cost Effective Solution You Need

The DevOps approach to software development transforms your entire network of developers and managers into a well-oiled machine focused on communication, continuous improvements and deployment (CI/CD), and efficiency. As your team improves in executing the best practices of DevOps, you’ll start seeing bottom-line savings in a number of key areas.

Reductions in Cost to Release an Application 

Executing DevOps properly includes implementation of automated processes throughout the software development life cycle. Testing in a DevOps setting is largely automated and can take place during downtime. This automation can also be designed to look for specific triggers, and once a programmer signals that code is ready for the next step, automation tools shift it along in the process to the next step, from testing through production all the way to deployment. By automating many of the time-consuming and repetitive processes, you can reduce the necessary number of programmers to build an app and increase the speed at which a smaller team can create a fully functional piece of software.  

Improved Communications Resolves Costly Inefficiencies Faster

In other production models, development teams and other departments are often siloed away from one another, only concerned with their pieces of given projects. If inefficiencies or issues are caused by the output of one team, it’s difficult for the management to resolve these issues or even get their teams to understand why work has to be fixed. In a DevOps setting, all of these teams are communicating with each other, and they all have access to the same data and can see how a bug or issue is impacting the performance of the software as a whole. With the whole team focused then on resolving this issue, the actual underlying cause is identified much easier and resolved quickly, reducing production times overall.  

Downtime Reductions Because Team is Focused on CI/CD

In a DevOps focused software development team, software is constantly being assessed and tested. This process of constantly improving code, referred to as CI/CD, means that developers are identifying ways an app can be improved, making the adjustments to the code, testing to ensure it works, and then deploying those changes to the live application. This results in less software-breaking bugs and overall less downtime for the companies that rely on the software to keep their websites up and running. 

Faster Turnaround On Client Requests

Application users are always searching for new functionality to increase the value the app delivers for them. Companies need a software development process that helps them remain competitive by allowing them to quickly adapt their software to the rapidly changing needs of their customers. Because of the communications and structure of the development team in a DevOps setting, the software development life cycle can quickly and effectively respond to these requests, prioritizing the changes to the software over improvements already in the pipeline.  

An Overall Faster Time-to-Market Process

In the highly competitive economy, the ability to put out useful software applications or web apps faster than your competition in order to capitalize on trends that change faster than you can download an app to your phone is invaluable. The DevOps approach to software development gives your development team the agility it needs to quickly respond to trends and create relevant and profitable applications.  

Our Savings Go Straight to Your Bottom Line

As a provider of software application development managed services, it’s crucial for Apex Technology to utilize the DevOps model to streamline our software application development process. By utilizing the DevOps approach, we are able to keep our own costs low and to increase our overall output of quality software products. This helps us not only meet the needs of our many clients on their schedule, but we can do so in an efficient manner that keeps both our costs and their costs in line with our client’s budgetary needs. Want to get in on the savings? Give us a call to learn more about our approach to software development and get a quote on your next project.