Email Management Tips for Business

With cell phones keeping us directly connected with clients and coworkers, private messaging programs pinging in our pockets throughout the day, and other forms of interoffice communication taking up vast portions of our days, it almost feels like email is an unnecessary anomaly, just one more avenue of messaging to manage.

However, it doesn’t seem that email will be going anywhere any time soon. The average office worker receives upwards of 121 emails a day. Email continues to outperform other methods of client lead generation and conversion and is considered one of the top revenue generators for businesses with one of the most efficient returns on investment. 

This makes it seem, then, that while email remains a relevant form of conveying information, that we might have issues in managing it effectively in the workspace. In the following discussion, Apex Technology shows how its managed email service and other services on the market like it can help to streamline and organize emails and related activities such as information and file management.    

Solving for the Inefficiencies Surrounding Email Management

As a marketing tool, emails are extremely effective and provide value for the organization, especially in the months since the outbreak of the pandemic. Eighty percent of marketers have seen an increase in engagement from consumers via email since March 2020. This is all good for outgoing marketing efforts. However, for employees to receive upwards of 120 emails daily while managing their own outgoing email workload, as well as manage the files incoming and outgoing through your email platform, it can all become extremely challenging to manage and maintain. Add to that spam, which studies show on average we spend upwards of 5 hours a month deleting, and you have the perfect recipe for getting very little done. The Apex Technology solutions, MailMAX and SyncMAX, address a number of these issues directly. 

Limiting the Clutter

In conjunction with the Microsoft Office 365 platform, our MailMAX and SyncMAX systems work together to secure your email, preventing spam through stringent security measures and keeping your box full of legitimate emails and business-related follow-ups.

Collaboration Integrated Into Email Workflow

Using the collaborative tools of Microsoft Office 365 such as Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL Server, and Skype for Business, our email platform centralizes your employee’s communications workflow so that they aren’t looking across multiple interfaces, devices, and logins to locate a contact or email message. 

Productivity Across Message Archiving and File Management

SyncMAX works in conjunction with MailMAX to give collaborative access to the organization’s shared file system, from which authorized users can save and retrieve files. Cloud-based, we guarantee uptime of your email server to ensure there is no interruption or delay in your ability to respond to or send out valuable revenue-generating communications.  

Apex Technology Managed IT Services Returns the Focus to Efficiencies

Email can be a driving source of inefficiency in your organization if poorly implemented. Apex Technology’s MailMAX and SyncMAX solutions, part of the company’s overall managed IT services solution we offer to clients, ensure that the email workflow is not burdensome to your employees. To learn more about operational workflow efficiencies made possible by our managed IT solutions, reach out today for a free assessment with our Charlotte-based team.