Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Cloud Is Secure

Managed cloud services have become a fundamental element for businesses today. Cloud computing allows businesses of all sizes to more effectively manage and secure data, communicate and share information with ease, employ strategic solutions and benefit from scalability while remaining flexible in today’s business climate. And did we mention that cloud IT services are  smart from an economical standpoint?


Not bad when you consider how easy it is for businesses of all sizes to implement and adapt to cloud services. However, like all good things, cloud computing isn’t without its weaknesses. It’s these weaknesses that can put your business at risk, unless you understand how to make your cloud more secure.

Weak Spots in the Cloud

The rise of cloud computing has been great for businesses. Unfortunately, it’s also been beneficial for cyber criminals who prey on network security weaknesses, especially in smaller businesses. There are countless benefits to using cloud services, but it’s key to understand what the disadvantages are as well. From an IT security standpoint, cloud computing can make your business more susceptible to threats such as:

  • Data breaches
  • Data loss
  • Account hijacking
  • Attempts from malicious individuals inside your network
  • Technology issues
  • Human error due to improper security training

If you want to leverage the strengths and benefits of the cloud, you need to know how to overcome its weaknesses and make it more secure. You can start with these easy to implement tips.

Tips for Keeping Your Managed Cloud Secure

A secure cloud infrastructure is something that every business that uses cloud-based services needs. A proactive approach to keeping your cloud secure is necessary for network security and disaster recovery. Fortunately, the first steps to securing your cloud aren’t too complicated.

  • Implement User Level Data Security: Not everyone who accesses your cloud needs to have the same level of clearance, nor should they. Ensure that you have user level data security protocols in place to guarantee that users only have access to the data they really need.
  • Evaluate Data Encryption Capabilities: It should go without saying, but top-level data encryption capabilities are a must. Before you settle on a cloud service provider, make sure you’ve done your research on their approach to encryption.
  • Constantly Test for Weaknesses: Do you know where your vulnerabilities are? You can’t really take steps to enhance cloud security if you aren’t sure where vulnerabilities reside. Vulnerability testing and assessments should be a continual process.

Work with a Provider of Managed Cloud Services

One of the most effective ways of making sure your cloud is secure is by working with an experienced team of managed cybersecurity service providers that know all the intricate ins and outs of cloud IT services. We’re here to provide you with these services to keep your cloud, and your business. Secure. Reach out to Apex Technology today and let’s take the first steps to protecting your business from a threat to your data security.