Does My Company Need a Custom App?

No matter what industry your business operates within here in Charlotte, there’s bound to be entire catalogs of off-the-shelf software solutions and mobile applications purporting to be perfect business tools. However, while they may provide value in the short term, the drawbacks to off-the-shelf software solutions will end up costing your business in the long-term.

In this blog, Apex Technologies explores business conditions that would necessitate your company building a custom application versus continuing to use off-the-shelf solutions, as well as the benefits a custom bit of software would bring to the table for your business’s bottom line.    


Signs That It’s Time for a Custom App

As small- and medium-sized businesses grow and evolve over time, workflows will begin to take shape and evolve according to the needs of clients and the volume of sales or services needing to be provided. As the organization grows and business processes become more complicated, custom solutions become more necessary. 

When Legacy Software Rears Its Head 

As a business grows and evolves, it begins to acquire software solutions that meet business challenges. With growth comes other challenges, and not all software is designed to scale. What happens then is that certain software is maintained to solve specific challenges, while other programs and tools are layered in to solve the new problems. 

Over time, the staff becomes comfortable with the complicated workarounds and inefficiencies of layered, out-dated software. However, it is inevitable that at some point it will be necessary to either create a solution that bridges all of these disparate interfaces or to ultimately create software that mimics existing workflows so that legacy software can be eliminated. 

A Lack of IT Expertise Slows Innovation

Without the budget to maintain complicated IT infrastructure or create software solutions in-house, small and medium businesses turn to off-the-shelf solutions often out of necessity. This can often be a short-term path forward to get the business off the ground and moving towards growth. However, the business will eventually reach a point where it outgrows general solutions and a more customized approach is necessary to continue to innovate. 

Advantages of Custom Applications

In the course of conducting business, there are any number of workflows that can be streamlined with proper software solutions, but some of the most important tasks and workflows revolve around serving your customer base. These workflows can be simplified and improved through the creation of a customized application, but without the necessary resources, your company will have to outsource the creation of such an app to a managed services provider. Over time, though, the costs of such outsourcing will be offset by the business benefits a customized solution can provide.


  • Improve your ability to promote products and services directly to app users.
  • Build rapport and engagement with clients.
  • Opens channels of feedback.
  • Organically expand your client base and increase brand exposure.
  • Faster sales and streamlined inbound conversions.
  • Custom applications are built with your analytics and data as the drivers to customer engagement.

Apex Technology Specializes in Application Integration

As a leading provider of managed Information Technology services in Charlotte, Apex Technology helps clients navigate the pitfalls and challenges that come with utilizing legacy technology. Through our robust software and web app development services, we analyze workflows, study processes, deploy automation solutions, and other application integration methods in order to help our clients create software tools that support business growth and success. To find out about this process and our other managed IT service offerings, reach out to our team to schedule a consultation.