Develop the App So You Don’t Hold Your Business Back

There are going to be times that you have a business requirement that requires a technical solution and you’re not going to be able to find an off-the-shelf fix that meets your needs. This might be due to the types of systems you’re trying to integrate, or the types of data you’re trying to track. It might just come down to that you’re attempting to solve a business problem that is specific to your industry or niche. Whatever the case might be, rather than hold your business growth in check in the absence of the right tool, why not partner with a managed IT services provider like Charlotte-based Apex Technologies, and have a customized solution built to your specifications? 

There are a number of business situations where it might be necessary to explore customized software design. Let’s briefly discuss what those situations might be and then we’ll cover Apex Technologies’ capabilities and how they fit into our larger cadre of services. 


Legacy Systems Necessitate the Need for Customized Solutions

In the business world, you use the tools that you can afford. Depending on how long you’ve been serving in your industry, you might have a mix of software, systems, and equipment that range in age and capability. In the industry, we refer to older software and hardware that varies in level of support from the original vendors as “legacy.”

Legacy does not automatically mean obsolete. Oftentimes, legacy equipment and software will still be in use because it holds up to the demands of your business for its intended task, and the cost of replacing it in your infrastructure is cost-prohibitive or too disruptive. You continue to use legacy components in your IT processes, simply because there’s value in doing so.

Where it gets complicated, however, is when you want to source data from a legacy system or use a legacy software in conjunction with newer software you’ve acquired recently and the two are not compatible. Oftentime, businesses will create intricate work arounds or time-consuming processes where data across incompatible systems can be used in a business endeavor, slowing down your overall process and creating inefficiencies and obstacles to growth. It’s at this stage that outsourcing your business problem to a managed IT services provider in order to create a customized application becomes not only necessary, but can also save you money in the long run.


Development Capabilities

Apex Technology employs an extremely capable software development team capable of creating solutions at three different levels, depending on your specific business challenges and requirements. 


Database Development

Databases are built using a wide array of languages and can have just as wide an array of business applications. Whether your current database needs minor repairs or a complete reformat in order to support the addition of new reporting methods or integration with other applications, such as upsizing an Access database to SQL Server, our team is qualified to help restructure and redeploy your database on the back end of your IT infrastructure. 


Software Development

Automating work tasks and increasing the efficiency of your teams is one way to drive and increase profitability. If you’ve scoured the Internet and application software stores and you can’t find a tool that can handle the tasks you need an automated solution for, turn to our team and give us an idea of what you need the application to accomplish. Once we have your business requirements down, we’ll be able to create an interface to your specifications. 


Application Integration

Integrating your legacy systems and other sources of business data into a cohesive Office, Workflow, or Process Automation Application requires a strong understanding of workflow, process engineering, and tasks automation. Our team of designers can accomplish this seamlessly, providing a solution that allows for business growth without requiring a complete overhaul of your existing software systems.  


A Reputation for Developing Affordable Solutions

Regardless of your software development needs, Charlotte-based Apex Technologies can help you create solutions that work within your IT infrastructure, be it laden with legacy software and hardware or a fresh out of the box solution. To learn more about our software and app development and integration services, or to find out about our extensive business and health managed IT services, reach out to a member of our team to discuss opportunities to work together in solving your business challenges.