Cloud Computing Myths Dispelled

There’s no arguing that the business world has embraced cloud-computing as part of a viable managed IT services model. The global cloud computing market reached $371.4 billion in 2020, and is expected to more than double in value by 2025, reaching a value of roughly $832 billion. Even at this level of activity, there are still a number of misconceptions keeping small businesses and medical practices from considering cloud computing as a solution worth the assumed risks. In this article, Apex Technology addresses several of the most misguided myths, with the intent of showing business owners not only the value of shifting to a cloud-based solution but also the benefits that can be realized from doing so.   

Myth 1: Cloud Systems Lack the Security of On-Premise Systems

An on-premise network usually consists of some form of a server room with physical barriers to access such as swipe cards and biometric entry controls. Internal access to systems is strictly managed by IT administrators who create layers of user access based on the principle of least privilege. Those who argue against a transition to cloud-based services claim that the cloud is less secure. What they don’t take into account is that a cloud-based service is simply a networked physical server room. The same levels of physical security and often even more stringent security controls are in place to protect the physical servers used to house client data and systems. The routes used to transport data between clients and cloud data centers often utilize highly secure types of fiber optic cable to maximize the speed and distance data can be transmitted. Beyond physical security measures, cloud-based systems utilize the most a wide range of cybersecurity best practices and AI-driven solutions to maintain data and system security. On many levels, it’s in the cloud-services provider’s best interests from a profitability point of view to provide the highest level of security and protection of client data possible.  

Myth 2: Maintaining On-Premise IT Infrastructure is Cheaper

Many IT consultants have been told by existing or potential clients that it’s cheaper to maintain on-premise IT infrastructure. This often comes without any consideration for future growth or an understanding of the costs of upkeep and upgrading such systems. Initial equipment costs might be cheaper than the monthly costs initially related to utilizing a cloud-based computing solution, but this doesn’t take into consideration upgrades, increased cooling requirements, expanding data storage capacity, and other system upgrades as well as the constant labor costs of managing and keeping up the IT department When looking at the long-term total cost of ownership, on-premise IT solutions are far and away the more expensive option. Cloud-based computing solutions often offer scalable services, allowing small companies to create an affordable cloud-based system that will scale both in size and cost along with the size of the company, ensuring a business solution that allows stable and healthy growth over time.  

Myth 3: Client’s Don’t Have Control Over Their Data in a Cloud-Based Computing System

It’s assumed that in the administration of the cloud-based systems used to house client data, cloud service providers have constant and unfettered access to client data. Further, clients feel that because it’s being managed offsite by a service provider, that they can’t control how their data is stored or how it’s accessed. In fact, clients actually have full control over how their data is accessed and the methods in which it is stored. Service providers act as overseers and facilitators to assist in this process and often provide data showing how a client’s data is being managed, when it is accessed or moved, and other measures to provide clients with the transparency necessary to know their data is truly secure.  


Debunking the Myths of Cloud-based Computing Across Charlotte

Small businesses and medical practices across Charlotte are already strapped when it comes to operational costs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most costly mistakes these small enterprises can make is to buy into the misconceptions surrounding Cloud-based computing, leading them to attempt to absorb the overhead of managing and maintaining their IT departments on-premise. However, an in-depth conversation with our team of experts at Apex Technology can help small organizations understand the true costs of trying to manage an on-premise program and the savings they can achieve through a managed IT services solution.