The Charlotte metropolitan area is a thriving East Coast hub of activity and a beacon in the financial/economic sector, ranking the second-largest banking center in the United States, after New York City. It also ranks as #20 in job growth and is considered the seventh-best city for business and careers by Forbes. Financial organizations operating at this level of complexity require the support of the IT industry’s best and brightest to safeguard the vast volumes of financial data moving through the city’s network infrastructure at any given time. Other businesses and organizations competing in Charlotte’s economy also heavily rely on the support of IT service providers to stay competitive. 

Leading the pack of managed IT Service providers throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area?

Apex Technology. 

Proven Success of Apex Technology

Apex Technology provides full-service, flat-rate managed IT services to our clients with the goal of helping them to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Mitigate business risks

In support of these goals, our service model, which we refer to as “The APEX Way,” helps us get to know our clients and develop true relationships, rapport, and trust. We do this through a three-step process:

  • Onboarding process, where we deploy a number of tools to secure your network and technology infrastructure, assess and stabilize your systems, and document the existing infrastructure.
  • Network Stabilization, where we present our recommendations for your network, remediate the existing network, align your services with your business goals, and enhance the overall security of your systems.
  • Technical Review & Alignment, where we share standards and best practices with your team, plan out your organization’s technology needs, establish a plan for proactively managing your IT needs, and performing a business risk analysis.

A Variety of Services to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to managed IT services, once size does not fit all. In order for the managed services relationship to be meaningful to your organization, it must be able to adapt to your organization’s needs and remain cost-efficient.



Paramount to the success of any business, securing your data and communications is our top priority. Our security services include:

  • Email Encryption
  • Device Encryption
  • Internal / External Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Testing

Backup & Disaster Recovery

It does no good to secure data, and then not follow up with ensuring that it can be recovered in the event of data loss or destruction. Our managed services Backup and Disaster Recovery encompass:

  • Archive as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Office 365 Backup
  • Gmail Backup

Managed Cloud Services

Future-proof your organization and support the mobility of your workforce with our managed cloud services, designed to free your employees from the confines of their desks in the office:

  • Cloud Services
  • Enterprise File Sharing
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Communication & Collaboration
network data

Network & Data Services

Give your organization the backbone it needs to remain competitive and on the cutting edge of their industry while ensuring you’ve deployed the strongest network in place possible to support them:

  • Colocation Services
  • Managed Network Infrastructure
  • Managed Wireless
  • Mobile Device Management

Go Deeper With Extended Design Services

Beyond logistics, our managed services also give clients access to our talented team of programmers and engineers:

  • Software Development Allow clients to migrate existing applications to the cloud and for the creation of new applications to support your organization’s goals
  • DevOps & Design Audit Protect your legacy applications, migrate and protect source code, and align life-cycle management of existing applications with best practices and modern design principles.
  • Database Integration and Reporting Migrate existing legacy databases, create custom reporting from existing databases, extract and analyze data, and integrate database with other systems.

Apex Technology Leading the Pack

You can’t afford even a single misstep in today’s competitive economic landscape. At Apex Technology, we make your IT our business. Explore our full range of services, and when you’re ready to bring your IT game to the next level, reach out to our service team to schedule a meeting. We can’t wait to meet your team and help you elevate your IT infrastructure through our comprehensive managed services offerings.