Develop the App So You Don’t Hold Your Business Back

There are going to be times that you have a business requirement that requires a technical solution and you’re not going to be able to find an off-the-shelf fix that meets your needs. This might be due to the types of systems you’re trying to integrate, or the types of data you’re trying to track. It might just come down to that you’re attempting to solve a business problem that is specific to your industry or niche. Whatever the case might be, rather than hold your business growth in check in the absence of the right tool, why not partner with a managed IT services provider like Charlotte-based Apex Technologies, and have a customized solution built to your specifications? 

There are a number of business situations where it might be necessary to explore customized software design. Let’s briefly discuss what those situations might be and then we’ll cover Apex Technologies’ capabilities and how they fit into our larger cadre of services. 

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Healthcare Informatics Are Transforming Healthcare

There has been a growing reliance on Big Data and analytics across multiple industries for some time now. In the healthcare industry, this trend stretches back as far as 1991, when the Accredited Standards Committee’s X12N Insurance subcommittee started to develop widespread standards for the healthcare industry. Over the years, these standards led the healthcare industry to gradually embrace data-driven initiatives in order to establish a common ground for healthcare providers and institutions to communicate patient information and deliver patient-centric care. This evolution of implementing data for the benefit of patients, which has come to be known as the field of healthcare informatics, is expected to continue to shape the healthcare industry, especially in the realm of healthcare IT, as we head into 2020. Let’s explore the ways informatics are transforming healthcare industry technology in more detail.   

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Develop Your Business’ Database

We are rapidly becoming a culture steeped in data. By 2020, it’s expected that every person interacting with the internet will generate roughly 1.7MB per second, resulting in a total of roughly 40 trillion gigabytes of data in existence. We are officially in the era of big data. 

As a small business owner, you can’t afford not to capitalize on the data your customers generate through their interactions with your website, sales team, and other points of contact you might have throughout your inbound marketing strategy. Why? Because 97% of businesses today are investing in big data and AI, and Apex Technology’s software development services wants to help you do the same through their managed IT services approach. Let’s run through some of the reasons why you should consider contacting their team of professionals to explore Apex Technology’s database management solutions.

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See the Benefits of a vCIO

If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely providing services to customers in a niche in which you’ve spent the better part of your professional career honing your craft. Regardless of the industry segment you operate within, there’s a chance that you are very strong in tasks having to do with growing your client base and the specific services you offer, but there are aspects of running a business in which you are not as well versed, as they either lack the education or career background experience. 

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, this gap generally exists around information technology. Regardless of your own experience in managing and overseeing information technology tasks, the growing importance of IT in successful small business ventures means you’ll either have to jam night classes into your already busy schedule, or reach out to Apex Technology and find out more about hiring a virtual chief information(vCIO) to step into the role. Let’s find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your small business IT needs. 

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Keep Your Healthcare Practice’s Technology Healthy

The shift in patient records from hard copies to electronic medical records that took place in the 1960s marked the first steps down a path towards improved patient care through digital efficiency. Since then, the rise of informatics and big data has pushed the healthcare industry to embrace software and technology solutions that over time have led companies like Apex Technology to standardize related services as a way of providing small medical practices with the outsourced support they need in order to best meet the needs of patients. Let’s explore some of the reasons it’s important to maintain your technology capabilities and how Apex Technology can help you do just that. 

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4 Sneaky Threats That Lead to Data Breaches

Ask any business about their greatest fears, and a data breach is sure to top the least. Data breaches can be nothing short of catastrophic, no matter what size your business, and an unfortunate number of small businesses are never able to recover once their data is compromised – the financial impact being too significant, and the loss of customer faith being too great to recover from. 

Of course, you want to protect your business from the threat of a data breach. The problem for many businesses is understanding where the biggest risks for data breaches exist, and how to protect their business from their devastating effects.

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The Importance of Smart Database Management for Businesses

The amount of data that’s being created and stored on a daily basis continues to grow at an exponential rate. With this growth comes the need to organize and manage it so the data is easily accessible. 

When it comes to data for your business, you might not be dealing with zettabytes, but chances are you’re still managing a lot of it, and often unsure about if you’re doing so in the most effective manner. 

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4 Signs a Software Developer Is a Good Fit for Your Business

Small businesses and new startups are a goldmine of innovative thought. They’re often fueled by incredible concepts and the drive to bring them to life. The only problem is that many of these businesses don’t have the resources or skillset to bring their concepts to life. This is because in today’s digital environment, software and app development are key to making this happen. 

Since software development is something most businesses aren’t comfortable tackling on their own, they reach out to connect with a provider of software development services. The problem is knowing which software development company to choose, and which one will be the best fit for your needs. 

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The 5 Major Stages of the Database Development Lifecycle

As a growing business, you’re facing the challenge of managing large amounts of data and keeping it secure at the same time. Database development is a tool that your business can use to manage all that data in an organized, accessible format. There’s also the fact that efficient data management is a cost-effective measure for your business. 

Before investing in database development, it’s important to understand the lifecycle that’s essential to the process, and how it all works for your business. 

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Minimizing the Risk of Data Theft for Your Small Business

If there’s one thing that all business owners fear, it’s a threat with the potential to damage the integrity of their business, and maybe even tear it down to the point of no return. There are few threats to your business of this magnitude, but data theft definitely falls within this category. 

Data theft should be a concern for businesses of all sizes. The interconnected digital world we live in has many advantages, but one area that it has also left us vulnerable is more exposure to hackers who have become more sophisticated in their attempts to break in and steal sensitive and valuable data. The best way to protect your small business against data theft is by being proactive in taking steps to reduce your vulnerabilities. Here are just a few of the steps that every small business should take to protect themselves today.

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