Kevin H

Apex Technology has provided us with the highest level of IT service with their Managed Network Services and Backup and Disaster Recovery Services. They understand what it takes to keep us up and running smoothly without any down time by being proactive and reliable. They listen to our needs and make sure they have an understanding of how our business works in order to provide us the best service possible. Apex always looks for ways to improve our productivity and efficiency whether it is through hardware, software, upgrades, etc. We have had experiences with other IT companies, but the others do not come close to the level of service and commitment that Apex provides to our company. With other companies, we had instances where we would have to call or e-mail them in regards to IT problems/issues in order for them to address them. Since we have been with Apex, we very rarely have problems/issues, but when we do, they are corrected before I even know about them. In our business, down time is not an option and Apex understands that. One thing that really stands out to us and provides us with a great level of comfort is that you actually get to know the people, from the President to the Network Engineers and everyone in between. I would highly recommend Apex to anyone seeking IT services because their proactive, reliable, and cost-efficient service is unparalleled.