5 Things Every Small Business Needs for Optimal Cybersecurity

Small businesses often make the crucial mistake of thinking they’re immune to a serious cybersecurity threat. After all, what does a small business have to offer a hacker compared to a larger corporation. The answer is plenty. The things that might make you think your small businesses is immune are the very same reasons that you’re likely to become a cybercriminal’s number one target. 

Here are a few numbers worth considering. Small businesses are the target of 43% of cyber-attacks. To make it worse, 60% of small business call it quits after a cyber attack because they’re never able to fully recover. The costs of just one attack on your small business can be devastating. 

Every business, no matter what their size needs to proactively protect themselves against a cyber-attack. What matters most for small business cyber security? Here are 5 network security must haves for small businesses.

A Trained Staff

How well versed is your small business staff on security protocol? Have they been educated in their role for protecting data security. One of the biggest mistakes a small business can make is isolating communications about security to their IT department or designated IT person. Cyber security training should be part of the onboarding process, and regular meetings should be held every time there’s an update to your security protocol.

Be Smart About Passwords

Nobody likes changing their passwords frequently, but for small business computer security, it’s a must. Have a password policy in place that requires all employees to change their passwords every 60 to 90 days and establish guidelines for secure passwords – like a mixture of upper and lower case, symbols and numbers that have no personal associations to the employee.

A Plan for Data Backup and Recovery 

Cyber security is a constantly moving target, and attacks can still happen despite your best attempts to protect against them. For these reasons, among others, it’s important to always backup important data and files. Then take the time to assess your backup regularly so there are no hiccups in data recovery should you need it. 

Have an Assessment by a Third Party

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a fresh set of eyes – especially if those eyes belong to an IT security professional. At least once a year, schedule an assessment to be completed by a third-party IT security agency, and then listen to their advice. Computer security isn’t one of those places where you want to cut corners. 

Move to the Cloud

Finally, if you haven’t already, now is the time to move to the cloud. Managed cloud services provide a host of benefits – including allowing your data to be more accessible to those who need it while elevating the level of security that protects it. 

Contact a Provider of Managed Security Services Today

To fully protect your small business from the cybersecurity threats that exists today, you need a partner who can guide you through the importance of managed cyber security services and help you choose the best plan of action. We’re providers of managed security services that can help. Contact Apex Technology today to learn more.