5 Common Pain Points Businesses Experience During Migration to the Cloud

The cloud is being talked about everywhere these days. You can’t really dig that deep into any IT security subject without the topic of cloud computing rising to the surface. More and more businesses have adopted cloud IT services and it’s estimated that by next year, as much as 83% of company workloads will be stored in the cloud – with this number reflecting businesses of all sizes. 

There are numerous advantages to moving to the cloud, like enhanced data security and storage capabilities, adaptability for remote workers, improved collaboration between team members and clients, and more. There’s a lot of solid reasons to move to the cloud, but that doesn’t mean that migration is always seamless. There are some common pain points and challenges that many businesses face in cloud migration. Here are five to be aware of. 


The transition to the cloud isn’t always a smooth process for team members, especially those who are slow to trust new technologies or are very settled into the way things have always been. Getting all your team members on board and up to speed can be a real challenge. 

You can ease this transition by keeping the lines of communication open, planning on regular meetings and brainstorm sessions throughout the process and working with a cloud service provider who is ready and able to help with the training and onboarding process. 


Migrating to the cloud is a transition, and transitions in business rarely take place without some degree of disruption. Taking the time to assess which areas of business operations may be temporarily disrupted during the process, and anticipating any downtime, will help your business better prepare and recover from the transition. 

Security and Compliance 

During the transition to the cloud, there’s a learning curve and sometimes data can become more vulnerable during this time. It’s imperative that your business take all the necessary steps to ensure data security and compliance prior to the move, not during or after, to keep your data secure and protected. 

Assessing Interoperability

Whenever you adopt new technology, it’s crucial to assess its interoperability with other systems or software. What systems do you currently have in play and how might they be affected by the adoption of cloud computing? What about customers or clients? Are there any areas where this transition may prove bumpy or compromise your ability to communicate or provide services? These issues can almost always be resolved ahead of time with a little forethought. 

Choosing a Cloud Service Provider 

Finally, some of the biggest challenges businesses face can all be remedied by working with an experienced, knowledgeable provider of cloud IT services. The right provider can anticipate the challenges ahead of time, lessen the disruption of cloud migration on your business and provide a smoother transitional process. 

Work With a Managed Cloud Service Provider You Can Trust

Are you considering a migration to the cloud? Apex Technology can help with the process and ensure that any challenges are minimized. Our team of experts is here and ready to provide you with everything you need to adopt cloud IT services for your business. Reach out to Apex Technology today to learn more.