5 Common IT Issues That Put Every Business At Risk

IT issues that your small business needs to fix now

Every business is unique in its own ways, but there are some commonalities that they all share. For instance, the inevitable IT issue. It doesn’t matter how small or large your operation is, IT issues are a fact of life. IT snafus not only cause a few headaches, they can potentially threaten your daily business operations. 

IT issues can cost your business time, money, and other resources. There are a few common IT issues that businesses seem to run into time and again. Being able to spot these problems before they cause havoc is key to staying ahead of them. Here are the main IT issues to be on the lookout for, and how working with a managed IT service provider can help. 


Underqualified In-House IT Personnel

It’s a common practice for businesses to underestimate the scope of IT management responsibilities. They might bring on someone who’s underqualified for the job or delegate tasks to someone on their team who already has their hands full with other responsibilities. This almost always ends up with a frantic call to a professional to come in and remedy the issue. Working with a managed IT provider from the start can eliminate this issue altogether. 


Data Security Risks

Every business is at risk of a data breach, regardless if it comes from a malicious outside source or a simple human error that happens within your own team. The average data breach can cost a business millions of dollars, and it’s nothing to take lightly. 

Issues like hackers, malware, and lost or mistakenly compromised data are bound to appear on your radar at some point in operating your business. Data and network security should be a top priority, and this is something that’s often lacking when IT functions are left to be handled by an in-house team. 



It’s important that every component of your network is continually updated and working at an optimized capacity for your business. Updates come along so frequently that it’s difficult to keep up with them. When you have an IT issue at hand, there’s a good chance there’s an outdated component behind it somewhere. Updates aren’t always seamless and can present problems on their own that require the assistance of a professional. 


Slow Networks

Variation in network access speeds is a common problem, especially for networks that cover a more expansive area. No matter what the cause, a slow sluggish network results in frustration, increased downtime, and can put a damper on the level of customer service you provide. Sometimes a necessary network upgrade can affect speed in a negative way. The best way to avoid a slow, sluggish network is by having an IT plan in place to execute changes during an upgrade and to easily identify weak points that can affect network performance. 


No Disaster Recovery Plan

There doesn’t need to be a major natural disaster to threaten your data and network infrastructure. A local flood, fire, or widespread power outages can leave you questioning if your data is secure and how you might be able to recover anything that’s lost in the process. For that matter, an employee error that wipes data clean can be seen as its own type of disaster. A qualified managed IT service provider can help you create a disaster recovery plan that protects your business.


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