4 Sneaky Threats That Lead to Data Breaches

Ask any business about their greatest fears, and a data breach is sure to top the least. Data breaches can be nothing short of catastrophic, no matter what size your business, and an unfortunate number of small businesses are never able to recover once their data is compromised – the financial impact being too significant, and the loss of customer faith being too great to recover from. 

Of course, you want to protect your business from the threat of a data breach. The problem for many businesses is understanding where the biggest risks for data breaches exist, and how to protect their business from their devastating effects.


Staff Vulnerabilities

Employees are among the biggest threats to your data security, and the intent usually isn’t malicious. Stolen passwords are behind a large number of data breaches, with simple passwords being an easy entrance key for cyber criminals who want access to your sensitive information. 

To help prevent this from happening, take some standard precautionary measures – such as having your team members change their passwords every 30-60 days, having team members choose passwords that are unique for each account, and coaching them on how to protect their passwords from accidentally being leaked. 



Malware is one of the easiest ways for a cybercriminal to invade your system. It takes little effort on their part to get their hands-on malware software and use it to take advantage of a vulnerability in your system. Malware can come in various forms, such as keyloggers which tell a cybercriminal everything they need to know to hack your system. Ransomware is another form of malware that essentially locks up your system, until demands – usually payment – are met for you to regain access. 


Insider Threats

It isn’t something that most businesses want to think about, especially smaller businesses with a family-like feel among their staff, but employees with malicious intentions are also a risk you need to be aware of. Carefully vet any personnel that has access to sensitive information and look for signs that are common indicators of an inside threat to your data.

For instance, an employee that seems disgruntled, especially if there is talk about them leaving the position. A team member who is experiencing dire financial circumstances might also be tempted to sell sensitive information. An overly suspicious environment typically isn’t a productive one, but it’s important to continually assess the threat of insider vulnerabilities among your team. 


Human Error 

With more people telecommuting, and tending to business from practically everywhere, the potential for human error to put your data at risk is exponentially greater than it has been at any point in the past. Other simple human errors, like sending sensitive information to the wrong person can also weaken your data security. Have regular meetings with your staff about proper security measures and consider hiring a managed IT services team to work with your staff and ensure you’re as protected as possible. 


Working with Managed IT Services

Whether it’s coaching your staff on IT security or ensuring that your system is up to date and protected from all threats to your data security, working with managed IT services is one of the best things you can do to keep your business safe. We’re the managed IT service team in Charlotte, NC who will work with you to ensure your data is safe from the threat of a breach. Contact Apex Technology and speak with one of our IT professionals today.