The Rise of the Virtual CIO

There’s no arguing that establishing and maintaining an in-house information technology department is complicated, takes up valuable office space, and can become an extremely expensive venture. For small businesses and startups looking to establish themselves, even establishing and maintaining the most basic business infrastructures can be costly and time consuming to the point that it makes it difficult for the team to focus on growing the business and generating income through sales and services. 

Small and medium businesses attempting to maximize profitability and streamline costs have been the driving force in the growth of businesses identified as managed services providers. Managed services can range from the outsourcing of marketing functions to the oversight and management of an organization’s telecommunications department. One component of business that is most often outsourced is that of the information technology department. With networking technology, data storage, software, and hardware all constantly evolving, keeping your organization’s technology capabilities up-to-date can be extremely costly and require the full attention of an entire department. Historically headed up by a Chief Information Officer (CIO), organizations are opting instead to outsource the entirety of their IT operations, including the CIO role. In this blog, Apex Technology explores the rising importance of the Virtual CIO and how these outsourced professionals bridge the gap between managed IT service providers and the clients who have hired them.    


Managed IT Services Minimize Overhead Costs

The rise of managed IT services has all but signaled the end of the in-house IT department in the traditional sense. By outsourcing IT services to a provider, organizations allow another organization to manage software and provide IT support in the course of providing services. 

The Savings Implied by “As a Service”

By installing and maintaining hardware and software as a service, as well as providing ongoing IT support, the direct costs of equipment ownership and software licensing are deferred to the service provider. By providing this service to multiple clients, service providers are able to keep costs relatively low on their inventory, and pass these savings along to clients. 

The Simplicity of Scaling Managed Services to Meet Business Needs

Managed IT services provide small to medium businesses the perfect tools for scaling operations up or down to meet business demands without the capital expenses that would usually accompany growth, or the costs of paying for unused and idle equipment. 

Minimized Costs Through Improved Risk Mitigation and Risk Management

Risk management in information technology consists of the steps, methods, and tools used by IT professionals to maintain the safety and integrity of consumer and company data. Legislation and industry standards will likely exist regulating how data should be handled. Data breaches due to negligence in the realm of IT can often result in extensive fines and even lead to a company having to close its doors. 

Virtual CIO’s  Are the (Affordable) Professional You Need to Manage it All

Many small and medium businesses that utilize managed IT services have found that even while all of their technology needs are being handled by a third party, there needs to be someone acting on behalf of the organization. This individual needs to have the skills and experience to coordinate and plan technology needs, establish costs and budgeting, track the business risks and exposures associated with your organization’s technology systems, and overall manage the business relationships relative to your organization’s IT capabilities. Enter the virtual chief information officer (vCIO). As part of our managed IT services packages, our clients not only get best-in-class IT services, but they also get the support of a highly qualified and extremely experienced IT leader who will make sure that those services align with the vision and goals of the client’s organization. 


Industry-Leading IT Leadership, Your Vision

The Charlotte-metro is teaming with managed IT service providers, but Apex Technology stands out in the crowd. Our managed IT services package ensures that your organization not only has cutting-edge hardware infrastructure in place to tackle anything your company might face, but also the leader in the form of a vCIO to keep all the moving parts focused on a unified vision of success. To explore what our managed IT services team can do for your business, reach out today to schedule a meeting.