The Future of Business IT

Informed by technology subject-matter experts from across the world, the Deloitte Annual Technology Trends report is a fantastic resource for IT professionals and business leaders. The report provides insight into technological innovations that shaped the business world over the course of the previous year, as well as the directions in which those innovations might lead organizations seeking to harness them over the course of the next 18 to 24 months. 

Let’s take a look at some of the trends the Annual Technology Trends report foresaw for 2019 and take a sneak peek at what future trends are in store for us in the upcoming 11th annual 2020 report.  


2019 Focused on Laying the Groundwork for the Future

Technology experts in the last few years have realized that in order to support the massive shift in how we deploy and harness the power of technology, that we need to desperately reimagine how we approach connectivity. Three primary initiatives stood out as key to future innovation.


Advanced Networking To Support IoT

The Internet of Things has been conceptually expanding into a landscape rife with connected devices focused on enhancing convenience and access to information. 2019 laid the groundwork for 5G communications networks to support the demands of the expanding number of devices across all industry segments needing bandwidth in order to be always connected. Mesh networks became affordable solutions to support the ever-growing demand for Wi-Fi access. Both of these innovations were necessary to support a shift away from centralized data processing towards edge computing – rather than wasting valuable transmission time, data is analyzed and acted upon at the point of collection, allowing businesses to truly act and respond to business requirements in the moment.


Doing Business in a Serverless World

2019 saw the majority of businesses shift to cloud-based software and managed IT services, as it has become more popular to outsource these functions.This almost total shift to the cloud pushes businesses and service providers to explore more ways of automating tasks, allowing management and IT staff to focus on enhancing marketing tools and techniques in order to better support the customer experience and revenue generation.


Let the AI Drive Your Business

As machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, and other AI-driven systems emerge, it will change the way businesses process data and perform tasks. These systems will come to inform leaders at the highest level of the best path forward in ways managers might not be able to determine, and allow for efficiencies and performance not possible without them. 


Moving into 2020 and Beyond

With these foundations in place, the managed IT services industry is poised to enter 2020 ready to help businesses explore this new digital frontier. The 2020 Technology Trends report is expected to revolve around three major business initiatives expected to shape the path forward. 

First, in order to stand out in highly competitive industries, businesses are expected to extensively leverage AI-driven cloud-based analytic strategies developed in conjunction with managed IT services in order to enhance and maximize the customer experience. Secondly, agile development will become a standard for business practices beyond software development – the most common application of agile planning currently. Data-driven decision making will justify a shift in how companies approach the budgeting and vendor management processes, as well as enterprise level finance. Finally, corporate executives are seeing the value in emerging technologies and are expected to make their adoption a priority. This is expected to be especially true for Digital Twin Technology, made possible by the confluence of edge computing, AI-driven data analysis and modeling, and an agile mindset focused on efficiencies and improvements. 

You can trust that Charlotte-based managed IT services provider Apex Technology understands the path forward into 2020 based on the innovations of 2019. Our managed IT services have been designed with future innovation and best practices in mind, and we’ve kept current with our cloud-based systems. We’re just a call away and our team of experts are ready to help your organization make the journey into the new digital frontier.