Don’t Get Bogged Down Supporting Your Technology

As the economy churns back to life, small and medium-sized businesses will need to leverage every cost-saving resource they can in order to maximize bottom-line profitability and salvage what they can out of 2020 in order to make it through the current fiscal year. That means every business will have to be focusing all of their resources on building customer relationships and creating opportunities for converting sales. What they won’t have a lot of time for is managing the essential information technology infrastructure that keeps the business moving forward but isn’t necessarily a part of their customer’s journey with the brand. Not having time to manage IT systems doesn’t stop IT systems from breaking down, needing to be maintained and updated, and personnel from requiring training or assistance troubleshooting technology issues. In this blog, Apex Technology explores the benefits of outsourcing your IT support infrastructure, including the IT service desk, remote and online support, and the training and FAQs associated with the technology in use at your business. 

A Qualified, Focused, and Trained IT Service Desk

Your business runs on technology, and that technology doesn’t always work. Sometimes it’s your employees that need support, and sometimes it’s your customer three times zones away who might have a technical problem navigating your website. In either case, an outsourced service desk can provide the following benefits. 

Lower Infrastructure and Labor Costs

Maintaining your IT department in-house, complete with a help desk, would put a financial strain on your already precarious bottom line. Outsourcing these responsibilities frees up your Human Resource personnel to focus on hiring specialists that will support your core service offerings and eliminate having to maintain communications and IT infrastructure. 

More Responsive and Improved Issue Tracking

An outsourced service desk is a dedicated service desk, so client and employee technology concerns will be handled quickly and efficiently. Tracking systems will reveal trends and possible issues that need to be addressed by your managed IT service provider. 

Outsourced Support You Can Count On

Support services ensure that your organization’s IT infrastructure remains operational and viable in the course of doing business. Less focused on supporting customers and employees with IT-related issues, outsourced support is more concerned with monitoring, managing, and securing your network, managing data backups and providing recovery and contingency planning as necessary, and configuring user access levels. This keeps your company up and running and reduces risks, as well as ensures compliance with data management legislative requirements. 


Training and Answers You Can Count On

Whether it’s the new CRM software you just acquired, or the e-commerce platform your software developer just built and launched to your website, there’s going to be a learning curve within the IT infrastructure at some point that you’ll need to flatten. Luckily a dedicated IT services provider can maintain the proper documentation and training information for all of your software and equipment. They can ease transitions to new software platforms, set up new users, carry out technology orientations for new employees and configure their access on your network and other software, and maintain digital FAQs to minimize help desk costs.

Stay Focused On Your Business, We’ll Focus On IT

Managed IT service providers are a vital resource for businesses in Charlotte’s highly competitive economy. Apex Technology understands IT on as deep a level as you understand your own business, and we bring that expertise to every managed IT services partnership. Contact our team of experts to learn more about how we can seamlessly act as your organization’s IT service desk, provide the necessary support services to keep you operational and provide the necessary training and ongoing support to minimize downtime associated with technology rollouts and onboarding.