Save Your Business Money With Managed IT Services

Are you a small business considering managed IT services as a solution for your business in order to save on your bottom line, or to reinvest your savings to other endeavors? You’d be in good company if you did. Globally, Gartner data showed that IT spending by businesses reached roughly $3.7 trillion in 2018, withView Page

The Future of Business IT

Informed by technology subject-matter experts from across the world, the Deloitte Annual Technology Trends report is a fantastic resource for IT professionals and business leaders. The report provides insight into technological innovations that shaped the business world over the course of the previous year, as well as the directions in which those innovations might leadView Page

Patch Up Your Business’ Cyber Security Measures

Cybercriminals aren’t only targeting large companies like Equifax. In fact, small and medium businesses, known by hackers and cybercriminals to have a smaller budget for cyber security, are often at more of a risk for attack – more than half of all United States businesses have reported at least a single cyber security incident occurringView Page

Develop the App So You Don’t Hold Your Business Back

There are going to be times that you have a business requirement that requires a technical solution and you’re not going to be able to find an off-the-shelf fix that meets your needs. This might be due to the types of systems you’re trying to integrate, or the types of data you’re trying to track.View Page

Healthcare Informatics Are Transforming Healthcare

There has been a growing reliance on Big Data and analytics across multiple industries for some time now. In the healthcare industry, this trend stretches back as far as 1991, when the Accredited Standards Committee’s X12N Insurance subcommittee started to develop widespread standards for the healthcare industry. Over the years, these standards led the healthcareView Page

Develop Your Business’ Database

We are rapidly becoming a culture steeped in data. By 2020, it’s expected that every person interacting with the internet will generate roughly 1.7MB per second, resulting in a total of roughly 40 trillion gigabytes of data in existence. We are officially in the era of big data.  As a small business owner, you can’tView Page

See the Benefits of a vCIO

If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely providing services to customers in a niche in which you’ve spent the better part of your professional career honing your craft. Regardless of the industry segment you operate within, there’s a chance that you are very strong in tasks having to do with growing your client baseView Page

Keep Your Healthcare Practice’s Technology Healthy

The shift in patient records from hard copies to electronic medical records that took place in the 1960s marked the first steps down a path towards improved patient care through digital efficiency. Since then, the rise of informatics and big data has pushed the healthcare industry to embrace software and technology solutions that over timeView Page

4 Sneaky Threats That Lead to Data Breaches

Ask any business about their greatest fears, and a data breach is sure to top the least. Data breaches can be nothing short of catastrophic, no matter what size your business, and an unfortunate number of small businesses are never able to recover once their data is compromised – the financial impact being too significant,View Page

The Importance of Smart Database Management for Businesses

The amount of data that’s being created and stored on a daily basis continues to grow at an exponential rate. With this growth comes the need to organize and manage it so the data is easily accessible.  When it comes to data for your business, you might not be dealing with zettabytes, but chances areView Page