How Much Should My Company Spend on IT?

Businesses are preparing to exit one of the most challenging calendar years in recent history, with uncertainty still looming on the horizon. As budget purse strings get pulled tighter, it’s prudent to take a close look at what you’re set to spend your budget on and whether you should adjust your approach to your ITView Page

Creating Best Use Security Protocol for Remote Workers

The remote work movement was already well underway prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, when the nation was struck by the pandemic, many states had to implement mitigation measures and stay-at-home orders in order to slow the spread of the virus. As a result, businesses across every industry had to quickly adopt and deployView Page

Responding to a Data Security Breach

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, cyber attack incidents have been increasing exponentially, recently reaching 4,000 incidents per day. The regulations and restrictions in place in the localities where your business operates are likely impacting the security of your own IT infrastructure. As your workforce is likely spread between workingView Page

How Will Custom Software Help My Company?

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve probably learned by this point that software solutions are not created equally. Relying on off-the-shelf software can be tricky and expensive. More often than not, your team will assume you need to purchase licenses for multiple bloated software packages with very different functionality inView Page

Does My Company Need a Custom App?

No matter what industry your business operates within here in Charlotte, there’s bound to be entire catalogs of off-the-shelf software solutions and mobile applications purporting to be perfect business tools. However, while they may provide value in the short term, the drawbacks to off-the-shelf software solutions will end up costing your business in the long-term.View Page

Finding the Best CRM for Your Nonprofit Organization

Customer relationships are the most important resource in any industry. They pay the bills, they talk about the brand and help spread awareness, they challenge our own employees to provide amazing service under the best and worst circumstances. In return for this brand loyalty, customers expect to be treated with respect and care. Businesses can’tView Page

CCPA Compliance 101

Consumer data privacy was changed across the world in 2018. In that year, the European Parliament enacted the General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR was a sweeping update to European privacy laws that required opt-in from an individual for their data to be collected and maintained by online or commercial entities international businesses to reimagineView Page

HIPAA IT Compliance: What You Need to Know

When it comes to technology and data management, there is no other more valuable commodity than personally identifiable information (PII). For healthcare providers that use diagnostic systems to create data about patients and use electronic methods to store patient records, PII combined with medical records and information becomes what’s known in the healthcare industry asView Page

How Small Medical Practices Benefit from App Development

Across the world, it’s anticipated that by 2025 almost 73% of internet users will access the web strictly through a mobile device such as a smartphone. There’s no denying that in the last five years, our culture has grown increasingly dependent upon mobile devices in every aspect of our lives, from personal to professional. ItView Page

Why Choose Apex?

Successful modern businesses must achieve a level of agility that allows them to keep pace with rapid technological innovation and successfully scale their infrastructure over time with the growth of their organization. In order to effectively navigate these challenges, organizations have leveraged managed IT service providers as a gateway to success. Apex Technology is theView Page