Ensure Your Network’s Integrity With A Network Security Assessment

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on multiple areas of the American economy, but the shift to remote work opened the door for a veritable bloodbath in the realm of cybersecurity. Despite cybersecurity spending exceeding $126B worldwide, the industry trends in 2020 of accelerated data breaches, phishing attacks, and ransomware attacks is anticipated to leadView Page

How To Establish Compliance Policies

As data collection by businesses becomes more prevalent and complex, so too do the legislative and legal policies relating to the protection of that data. This goes for if your business operates in the health industry and has to comply with HIPAA, or you handle large amounts of international clients and need to ensure yourView Page

Guide To Different Types Of Cloud Storage

As managed IT services become popular solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses in handling IT services, there’s a term that gets thrown around with increasing abandon. Businesses with little in-house IT experience might get swept away by the lofty connotations when IT consultants start to extol the benefits of a shift to the Cloud, especiallyView Page

When Should You Replace Legacy Systems?

At some point in your career, you’ve likely worked for a company that uses a software solution that seems to be extremely out of date, only a few employees know how it works, and there’s likely a cabinet with a large, well-worn binder full of very complex instructions. This is the curse of legacy softwareView Page

Are You Being Proactive In Your IT Management?

How successful can your organization be if your management infrastructure is built around being reactive rather than proactive to business challenges, regardless of the department involved? Modern commerce moves at the speed of the customer’s ability to Google your business and clicks on a link to purchase your services or product. Your organization needs toView Page

Apex Solves EMR Issues

With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2012, HIPAA privacy requirements relative to patient records were strengthened and expanded. The act required that US physicians and medical practitioners transition from paper records to electronic medical records (EMR) by 2014.  In the years since, adoption has been inconsistent, and medicalView Page

How Cloud Storage Increases Productivity

Workers are challenged by any number of systemic inefficiencies in modern IT infrastructures, especially those rife with Legacy solutions that are difficult to eliminate from the workflow. In the last decade, however, a solution has started to gain traction with organizations, especially those that embrace the increasingly popular managed IT services approach to managing ITView Page

The New Role of the CIO

Before managed services and cloud-migrations started to reshape the information technology landscape, the Chief Information Officer was responsible for overseeing an organization’s IT resources and staff. It was considered a back-office role and often seen as existing in the C-suite tier in title only, as they were often working in the trenches alongside staff andView Page

Email Management Tips for Business

With cell phones keeping us directly connected with clients and coworkers, private messaging programs pinging in our pockets throughout the day, and other forms of interoffice communication taking up vast portions of our days, it almost feels like email is an unnecessary anomaly, just one more avenue of messaging to manage. However, it doesn’t seemView Page

Upgrade Your Business Technology in the New Year

As we collectively take our first tentative steps into 2021, we are all struggling to gauge what the path forward should look like and what the year holds. It’s a challenging economic landscape, to be sure. And while some businesses are being extremely hesitant and cautious, some of you will be better served to beView Page