3 Things to Avoid In the Midst of a Data Disaster

You know that it’s important to have a data recovery plan in place for your business, but you might also be thinking that your risk of experiencing a true data emergency is relatively low. Unfortunately, with hacker attacks happening approximately every 39 seconds, and the majority of data breaches being due to human error, everyView Page

Understanding the Importance of a Good Business Website

When consumers are looking to engage with a business, the first place they’re going to turn is the internet. With a few quick clicks, they can find anything they’re looking for and easily connect with businesses. The ease of access to information has completely changed our consumer culture, and businesses today are expected to keepView Page

Database Development: The Basics

Data management has always been a fact of life for businesses, but the importance and function of data for today’s companies is different than it has been in the past. Today, businesses like yours are dependent upon their ability to collect, manage and extrapolate data to improve results and drive growth. The process of gatheringView Page

How Managed IT Services Offer Security to Today’s Businesses

For businesses of all sizes, across every industry, operational efficiency is a top priority. For most businesses today, this involves the ability to operate and manage their data and network system. Some businesses attempt this themselves, even with limited IT resources., and they could be putting their business at risk.  Managed IT services is anView Page

Should You Hire a Business Continuity Manager or Build a Plan Yourself?

Let’s take a minute and talk about something that’s probably not your favorite topic – business continuity. You know you need a business continuity/disaster recovery plan but putting all the pieces together and then managing it can prove to be an incredible burden on your resources, which means it usually gets pushed down to theView Page

5 Common Pain Points Businesses Experience During Migration to the Cloud

The cloud is being talked about everywhere these days. You can’t really dig that deep into any IT security subject without the topic of cloud computing rising to the surface. More and more businesses have adopted cloud IT services and it’s estimated that by next year, as much as 83% of company workloads will beView Page

The Secrets to Making a Compelling Business Case for Cybersecuritya compelling argument.

Companies today face a continually growing number of threats to their data and IT security. As hackers become more sophisticated in their technology and approach, businesses of all sizes become more vulnerable. Where network security once involved nothing more than a dedicated in-house IT department, today’s digital landscape demands a more thorough, strategic and reliableView Page

5 Things Every Small Business Needs for Optimal Cybersecurity

Small businesses often make the crucial mistake of thinking they’re immune to a serious cybersecurity threat. After all, what does a small business have to offer a hacker compared to a larger corporation. The answer is plenty. The things that might make you think your small businesses is immune are the very same reasons thatView Page

3 Reasons DIY Cyber Security Is a Bad Idea

There’s a lot of DIY out there, partly due to the fact that you can learn how to do pretty much anything online. We’re attempting to handle everything ourselves these days, from plumbing problems to haircuts, and the results aren’t always so great. This is especially true when it comes to taking a DIY approachView Page

Why Continuity Plans for Small Businesses Are So Important

In business, as in life, you need to plan for the unexpected and the things you hope you’ll never need to deal with. Maybe you have insurance policies in place in the event of a natural disaster, but how will your business itself recover? Being prepared for the unthinkable gives you an advantage from aView Page