The Rise of the Virtual CIO

There’s no arguing that establishing and maintaining an in-house information technology department is complicated, takes up valuable office space, and can become an extremely expensive venture. For small businesses and startups looking to establish themselves, even establishing and maintaining the most basic business infrastructures can be costly and time consuming to the point that itView Page

Can Your Medical Practice Keep Up With the Flow of Patient Data?

In technology articles discussing the challenges of keeping data safe or data storage solutions, experts like to tout exciting statistics like in 2018, the whole of humanity generated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, or that the Internet of Things is anticipated to encompass 200 billion devices by the end of 2020. For healthcare andView Page

The Importance of UX and UI to App Development

A well-designed mobile application can provide your business with a number of benefits and advantages over competitors. You’ll see an increase in brand recognition and loyalty, increased conversions, and you’ll find that your clients will feel more engaged and invested in your products or services.  As long as your application development team nails that firstView Page

Top 7 Tips for Successfully Launching a New App

Companies are relying increasingly upon their websites, web applications, and mobile applications as sales conversion drivers, brand awareness builders, and platforms for client engagement. As a Charlotte-based managed IT services provider in a highly competitive market, Apex Technology is regularly called upon to develop complex mobile apps and web apps for clients.  Over time, we’veView Page

Scale Your Business Faster with Managed IT

While the current business landscape is uncertain, and many businesses are scaling back on operations, it’s important for organizations to realize the importance of establishing a strong business relationship with a managed IT services provider that will help them navigate future growth and the inevitable need to scale up operations. As a managed IT servicesView Page

Why It’s Time to Switch Away from an Access Database

Outdated technology and legacy technologies are increasingly becoming threats to the organizations for which they were originally designed to be solutions. They increase operational costs and are often the cause of expensive downtimes. Once parent companies stop supporting legacy technology with updates, that technology can become the source of incompatibilities with new systems and softwareView Page

Understanding DevOps Best Practices

More than a trend in the software development industry, DevOps has become an important component in creating software solutions for managed service providers. The process has become popular with professionals in the field of managed software development services especially, as DevOps is focused on fast innovation and faster turn-around of the final product. In orderView Page

Source Code Management Best Practices

Software projects have become increasingly complex affairs, requiring multi-tiered hierarchies of contributors to write, edit, and maintain countless lines of code. These complicated endeavors require an underlying platform through which contributors can communicate, make changes to the code simultaneously, and still achieve the seemingly miraculous outcome of a cohesive working software application.  Source code managementView Page

Ensure Compliance For Your Data Collection & Storage

The rapid evolution of technology across our economy has more and more companies collecting and relying upon customer data in order to remain competitive. However, regardless of the industry in which you operate, as soon as you start collecting and retaining client data, you become subject to any number of regulatory and compliance requirements thatView Page

How DevOps Can Save Your Company

In the modern economy, any operational framework that provides the opportunity to increase efficiency and push more money towards the bottom line should be considered as a strong alternative to the existing model of business. In the software development industry, DevOps has risen up and made a strong case as a contender for one ofView Page